CryptoPing Bot Tracks Prices for Profitable Trades; ICO Enters Its Final Week


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The rapid expansion of cryptocurrency trading has made it harder than ever for traders to keep up with changing prices and market conditions. The CryptoPing subscription bot makes it possible to do this, and has attracted the attention of 25,000 new users since it launched earlier this year with about 500 new users joining each day.

On May 25, CryptoPing launched an ICO that will extend to June 25, making this the last week. 2,011 investors have already invested 338.66 BTC.

CryptoPing uses market data, statistics, news and social media to produce precise trading signals and forecast cryptocurrency markets.

The bot monitors crypto markets and notifies traders when a coin gets a high level of market action. The company claims its long-term testing shows that trading by bot signals delivers about 10% daily profit.

Making a successful trade can be difficult even for experienced traders, let alone newcomers. It’s impossible to factor in all the trends, events and subtleties that shape markets.

How It Works

CryptoPing’s bot users get signals from exchanges immediately. The bot signals all users simultaneously. It is up to traders to weigh the market signals and make their own trading decisions.
The bot has all necessary commands to manage notifications, and the interface is simple to use, even for those with no experience with bots or trading.

Users receive signal messages that include: coin ticker; link to an exchange that produced the signal; trading volume difference for the last hour; change the coin rate to BTC; note the amount of signals on the coin for the last 7 days; and note coin market capitalization value in USD.

The core project manages market data assembled individually by coin; situation and trend analysis by coin; searches for similar coin behavior in the past; making decisions on signal initiation; generating signals and tracking their results; sending signals to users; analyzing signal quality; and providing feedback for the decision-making system.

Early bot adopters have already discovered the quality and utility of bot signals. There have been numerous instances when signals were sent before a coin pump.

Enhanced Security

CryptoPing provides more security to traders than third-party trading services that provide traders API keys from their accounts on exchanges. When third-party services get hacked, the perpetrators gain access to the users’ API keys and start trading to their own benefit using other traders’ accounts. CryptoPing does not store keys on its servers. Hence, it is impossible to access them by hacking. All API keys are stored on users’ devices only.

More To Come

CryptoPing is also building a platform for social trading that will be useful to both new and experienced traders. Professional traders will be able to publish their trading results by signals daily, while new traders will be able to follow pros and copy their trades for a small subscription fee.

The Telegram bot is a separate part of the project, integrated with the core. A Slack bot is currently in development.

CryptoPing recently added a fourth exchange for the bot’s analysis, with more exchanges to come.
More than 25,000 users are now awaiting the launch of subscription based services and social sharing.

ICO Continues To June 25

This is the last week for CryptoPing’s ICO.

The ICO ceiling will be 1,000 BTC, for which 9,000,000 PING tokens have been reserved. The remaining 1,000,000 are for 10% referral program payouts. PING tokens can be purchased for BTC, LTC, WAVES, DASH, ETH and ETC. All unclaimed tokens will be burned, and a full report on investments and resulting supply of tokens will be released.

CryptoPing offers a 15% discount for investments of more than 100 BTC that will deliver 15% additional tokens. The team will be assessing and verifying ICO results for a week after it ends.

Following the ICO, investors can withdraw their tokens to Waves wallets.

CryptoPing has already raised 65% of its goal.

The ICO page is viewable here.

The roadmap is available here.

The website can be found here.

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