Cryptomarket Securitization Has Arrived

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Uncharted waters is what many investors call the cryptocurrencies market with all its tidings and tribulations. A lack of risk management and securities has already cost serious losses worldwide. DeHedge, a pioneering project headed by its CEO Mikhail Chernov, seeks to assure, ensure and insure investors and their funds on the crypto market.

Leading the way

DeHedge was originally established as a project with securitization in mind. Using its sound investment and stable insurance fund strategy, the company is set to become a leader on the crypto market in insuring investors in their strive to develop blockchain technologies and invest in the emerging market. With its comprehensive scoring model designed in cooperation with a leading consulting firm, the project offers a unique product tailored to securitize investments. As a securities instrument, the project insures initial exchange rates of project tokens and automatically reimburses investors within the insurance period if the rate of exchange of project tokens falls, thus ensuring that maximum losses are equal to insurance compensation.

Target audience

The DeHedge project is certain to be of great appeal to multiple parties, such as ICO investors, who wish to guarantee the safety of their investments. Cryptocurrency traders are also key clients as they strive to protection against exchange rate volatility. Heads of investments funds seeking to retain profitability and attract investors, ICO projects to attracts investors and protect against post-listing pump & dump schemes, and ICO trading venues to attract large investments to projects are all potential clients.


DeHedge’s smart contracts use a binary relation algorithm based on insurance reserves and liabilities, thus making it impossible for the latter to exceed the coverage. The technologies of the project’s contracts ensure financial sustainability of the platform. In case of an insured event, DeHedge compensates its token owners automatically and in full.

Mission statement

As such, the project acts in the direction its mission statement claims – to develop the crypto economy and insure market players against risk by providing the necessary instruments they require to continue growing and developing the promising market. Needless to say, the emergence of insurance elements signifies the ensured expansion of the cryptocurrencies market and DeHedge is already spearheading the charge.

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