CryptoFriends Back with a Bang in Singapore


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The ICO hype is here to stay. That was the message that rang loud and clear as some of the world’s most exciting new blockchain startups mingled with crypto influencers and investors at the exclusive CryptoFriends Hypeup in Singapore. More than 300 crypto enthusiasts gathered on the rooftop at the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway to get the latest insights into the world of crypto and of course party into the night with a world-first crypto-concert by breakthrough indie pop group, Pompeya.

CryptoFriends is a team of blockchain & crypto professionals with a wide network of connections wordwide. They have quickly become the go-to experts when it comes to organizing high-end blockchain-related events.

The main sponsors of the intimate HypeUp included BlockEX and CoinTelegraph and included guest talks by some of today’s most esteemed blockchain influencers. There was also a highly anticipated panel discussion on cryptofunds, featuring some of blockchain´s biggest hitters: Daniel Shashoua, Sefi Golan, Mike Costache, Anatolii Radchenko and Brock Pierce. Once again, the master of ceremonies and moderator for the event was Cryptopay MD, Eric Benz.

With the stunning Singapore skyline twinkling in the distance, the panellists illuminated the crowd with some priceless wisdom and inspiration. Brock Pierce concluded the discussion by predicting that the decentralized and democratic nature of blockchain technology and ICO funding meant that the Mark Zuckerbergs of the future won’t just come from Silicon Valley, but from all corners of the world.

As with most CryptoFriends events, the real stars were the ICOs. The main event included seven handpicked startups where they were able to pitch their ideas and announce their token sales to an eager audience looking for the latest attractive investment opportunities.  The seven ICOs to pitch included:

  • BetterBetting  – A robust peer-to-peer sports betting cryptocurrency, facilitating a decentralized betting liquidity pool
  • Gladius – Decentralized DDoS protection and content delivery with the Blockchain
  • United Traders  – High end solutions for the crypto finance world
  • VR Token – Decentralized platform for creating and distributing VR content
  • Moeco – A blockchain-powered platform for IoT connectivity
  • DeHedge – A risk-hedging platform for cryptocurrency investors
  • Sensay – An app that creates a marketplace for p2p conversations using blockchain based smart contracts in chat

Following the ICO pitches were further ICO presentations from three of the Hypeup sponsors, eSports, Blockex, and Arbidex. If this was not enough, participants also saw a special performance from Jason King and Bryce Case with an incredible Cryptorap.

Daria Arefeva, Cryptofriends founder and CEO says, “The high level of the projects presented at the Singapore HypeUp event showed that ICOs are still a hot topic for investors. It was fantastic to see such exciting startups having the chance to forge long-lasting connection and friendships with high calibre names from the crypto world and each other. Cryptofriends is all about mixing cutting edge thinking with eating and drinking, and we will continue to organize more high-end events that put both business and having fun on an equal footing.”

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