Cryptocurrency-Trader trading terminal screenshot
Cryptocurrency-Trader trading terminal screenshot

Although certainly not an absolute requirement, a quality cryptocurrency trading terminal can make all the difference in the world when it comes to both trading efficiency and potential profitability. On April 11th, member Kilzeus has released a newly updated version of his most excellent and truly free Cryptocurrency Trader trading terminal. No registration is required to download the trading terminal.

Cryptocurrency-Trader trading terminal screenshot

The Cryptocurrency-Trader trading terminal aims to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency trading across multiple exchanges. Among it’s many desirable features are a clean, simple interface that includes an address book and highly intuitive information-rich cryptocurrency charts. Eventually, there will be two versions of the trading terminal: the current (free) version and a Pro version.

Even though the fully functional free version is currently in beta, the Developer has stated that it will always remain free. The Pro version will have other handy features such as stop-loss orders and additional exchanges added. The Developer stated that he released the free version so as to receive feedback via his BitcoinTalk announcement thread and appears to be quite open to suggestions for future improvements. He also updated the user manual on April 13th to reflect the new features.

Current Cryptocurrency-Trader Support:

  • Exchanges include BTC-e and Bter
  • Languages include English and Finnish.
  • Platform support is for Windows Vista and newer. And although he admittedly had not tested it personally, the Developer indicated that it may even work in Linux.

New To Cryptocurrency-Trader v.0.3b

  • Now contains a fix for the BTC-e problems that were occurring due to their SSL certificate update. BTC-e charts are back to operational.
  • Further enhancements to the already crisp and clean look and feel of the user Interface, as well as full Java 8 compatibility. He indicated that Cryptocurrency-Trader v.0.3b might work with Java 7, but highly recommended upgrading to Java 8.
  • A handy comparison table for viewing various trading pair price differences between the supported exchanges.
  • The price history chart now lets you observe price changes over the previous three days.
  • Quicker price history loading,
  • Better interface scaling in the orders tab.
  • This release of Cryptocurrency-Trader also now lets you know when a new version is available.

Because the terminal is in a constant state of development, the Developer has issued a fair warning stating that the program may contain bugs. To his credit, however, he has thus far been extremely quick on deployment with new updates addressing any known issues.

In addressing API key security, he has stated that the trading terminal will encrypt API keys stored for accessing user names and passwords and that the API keys will only be used to communicate with exchanges.

For the program to work it obviously does need to connect to the exchanges. However, he stated that API secret keys are not sent anywhere. Functions such as simple get requests to get information on trading pairs and price history are explained more in the manual.

Going Forward With Cryptocurrency Trader Pro

Cryptocurrency-Trader Pro is scheduled for release sometime around late May, and will include full support for:

  • Cryptsy.
  • Spread orders. These are useful for setting up numerous orders at specific intervals.
  • Conditional orders. This revolutionary new feature not typically supported by crypto exchanges will allow you to execute orders defined by specific triggered events, such as whether the market price goes above or below the user-defined threshold.
  • Zoomable price charts showing much higher resolution data than the one day data it currently shows.
  • The Developer is also considering integrating volume history into the candlestick chart and is seeking feedback on his BitcoinTalk thread.

Do you have a favorite free altcoin trading terminal you enjoy using? If so, we’d love to hear about it below!