Cryptocurrency Startup Betrium Is the Solution the Betting, Gambling Industries Were Looking For


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According to EGBA data, the global regulated gambling market is about $533 billion, and the betting market amounts to $70 billion. The unregulated market is much, much larger as according to Interpol data it could be as large as $1 trillion.

What keeps the gambling industry thriving is the desire people have to make money, as it turns a simple game into a delightful experience. In games like Poker, developing individual skills can help players earn increasingly larger amounts.

Yet, current online gambling platforms are ruining players’ gains, as they are charging them high commissions, giving them unfair conditions, and even blocking them based on their geographical location.

As if that wasn’t enough, players also have to deal with taxes, and aren’t able to use cryptocurrencies to gamble. Betrium is the solution the gambling industry has been looking for, as it aims to fix all of these problems while providing players a worldwide betting service based on a decentralized platform.

Betrium, a blockchain-based solution

Being a blockchain-based platform, Betrium allows players from all over the world to make money off of their pleasures, while keeping them away from high commissions. In fact, the platform, which consists of a betting exchange and sportsbook, will charge a 0-1% commission.

On the Betrium platform, users will be able to place their bets using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and ERC-20 tokens. To ensure they can maximize their profits, the platform has cryptocurrency volatility stabilization, as values will be fixed in virtual USD/EUR, effectively protecting users.

On top of all that, Betrium doesn’t take a commission on deposits, withdrawals, or winnings. Furthermore, the startup is set to launch its own BTRM token. Token holders will receive 50% of the platform’s annual profits, which means the token is directly backed by the company’s success.

To further help users make the most out of the industry, it also offers an advanced open API for developers, bots, third-party apps and service providers. Betrium plans on becoming a legal platform.

Helping it stand out is the ability to earn that organizers get with Betrium. Using the platform, small event organizers like eSports streamers. All event organizers have to do is list an event, add potential outcomes, and make sure it goes well. Betrium adjusts the event’s odds to ensure its profitable.

Betrium’s ICO

The platform’s BTRM token has been distributed in its Early pre-ICO and its pre-ICO. Betrium’s ICO is going to begin on March 26, and will end on April 29. A total of 63 million BTRM tokens will be sold during the token sale, at a dynamic price. The ICO will help the company achieve its goals. The BTRM token is an ERC-20 token, and a total of 140 million will be issued.

Per one ETH token, investors will be able to acquire between 3,000 and 1,200 BTRM tokens. A demo version of the Betrium platform is already available so potential investors can check it out.

To keep up with the project, follow it on Twitter and Facebook, or join the conversation on Telegram. Users are thoroughly advised to read the project’s whitepaper.

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