Cryptocurrency and the Network Marketing Industry

August 11, 2014 09:15 UTC

Network marketing companies come and go, but in the age of the cryptocurrencies what kind of impact will they have and how will they change the industry? Currently there are very few cryptocoins focused on these possibilities.

This article  will examine each cryptocurrency exploring this category and what each brings to the table with regards to MLM or Network Marketing. Some of the currencies following this path include ImperialCoin [IPC], Global Coin Reserve [GCR] and Latium [LAT].



ImperialCoin [IPC] was founded December 2013 as a Scrypt coin currently backed by DGW3 with 1.6 billion total coin supply and a premine of less than one percent. ImperialCoin is focused on the MLM and Network Marketing industry by providing a safe and secure transaction alternative for these types of companies that typically have difficulties or problems acquiring reliable and inexpensive payment system options.

ImperialCoin welcomes miners stating:

“We try and keep our coin current with technology by providing equity for our miners with consistent rewards no matter when they start mining”

Currently ImperialCoin [IPC] is being traded at a number of different exchanges and supports Windows (32-64), Linux(32-64), MacOS wallets providing a user guide to make it easy to get started.

Android Wallets are in development and merchant portal will be launching soon.

ImperialCoin can also be found at

Global Coin Reserve

Global Coin Reserve [GCR] was founded in August 2014 and is a brand new cryptocurrency being billed as “the world’s first Bitcoin based home business opportunity”. Global Coin Reserve states that it is the first network marketing company allowing anyone to build a financial future through exclusive mining of GCR.

Based in Dallas TX with operations world wide and an initial goal of growing 1 million members, gradually increasing the value of the the exclusive currency as members mine GCR.

Currently there is very limited technical information about the exclusive cryptocurrency; features and benefits offered to members include:

  • Premier one-click cloud mining service
  • Exclusive access to GCR currency
  • Matrix based structure with bonuses on referrals
  • Home business financial wealth builder tools
  • Memberships start at $29.95 and go as high as $999.95 per month.


Latium [LAT] is another marriage between network marketing and a cryptocurrency. You will receive Latium for free just by joining and you can earn more through referrals. Latium is the first cryptocurrency to use a non-technical deployment network, Latium can not be mined but minted and acquired by signing up and referring people. It is totally free to sign up and they start you off with 5 Latium; feature and benefits offered to members include:

  • No cost
  • Earnings on 100 referral levels
  • Easy sign up
  • Integrated payment system
  • Proof of Stake [PoS] wallets with ability to mint
  • Earn interest on minted coins
  • Instantly credited

Latium is currently being traded on multiple exchanges and can be found at and for someone just starting out in both cryptocurrency and network marketing Latium makes it very simple.

Disclosure: I currently do not participate in any of the the above mentioned MLM or Network Marketing Programs and hold no interest in any of the cryptocurrencies at the time of this writing, however IPC is a client of CryptoCat Concepts LLC of which I am owner and operator have been compensated in USD. Featured image by Shutterstock.

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