Cryptocurrency Exchange MintPal Announces New Platform Release Deadline After Attack

September 30, 2014 18:55 UTC

When MooPay LTD acquired MintPal in July, their main focus was improving security. MintPal fell victim to an attack on VeriCoin earlier this year, showing a hint of weakness in their pre-existing security and some loss of faith in the exchange. Once MooPay LTD took over, they made it their mission to improve security to garner more trust and faith in the popular cryptocurrency exchange. They immediately began planning a Version Two upgrade to the site as soon as possible.

On Saturday, MintPal suffered from a DDoS attack on their website, pushing the Version Two implementation by parent-company MooPay LTD to the front of the line. MintPal signaled the problem with a tweet from their official twitter account.

MooPay LTD on Version Two Implementation During Attack

Pushing the Version Two update as quickly as possible, even with slight delays for improvement time, CEO Alex Green tweeted a response to MintPal customers from his personal and professional Moolah account, saying:

“The ongoing attack against [MintPal] and the resulting effects are our current primary priority. We will be launching V2 during the week. Instead of giving you a hard time, we’ll let you know shortly before. Good news is? Ready to go.”

At this point, a few voices were calling for immediate implementation of the Version Two platform. Green continued by dispelling any questions on why they couldn’t deploy Version Two immediately:

“Deploying at 0129 with a skeleton staff does not make much sense however, especially with an ongoing attack. We have internally scheduled a deployment window however. We’re also working on our way of saying sorry for the delays, but as we have said on many occasions – we would rather have a number of delays as opposed to a number of bugs and an insecure and instable platform.”

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MintPal Fighting The Attack and Version Two Release Date

To fight the DDoS attack on the exchange, MintPal implemented a captcha code at the front-page to deter any malicious uses of their home page. Along with the added security to fend off attackers, Green tweeted a promise on the Version Two release date yesterday.

Version Two will not only promise to beef up security, but add a few new coins to the lineup.

  • Crypti
  • Greenbacks
  • Halcyon
  • IOCoin
  • Librexcoin
  • Neoscoin
  • Shadowcoin
  • Stealthcoin
  • Viacoin

As of right now, no coins will be removed, although there are plans to get rid of a few coin pairings on the exchange. Green said that the company wants to give all coins currently on the platform a chance to prove themselves before making that decision. Once the platform migration begins, the team hopes to have no downtime to the MintPal site providing users with a seamless experience.

“Everything in V2 is real-time. Trade history, order placing, order notifications, order book, etc – you won’t need to refresh to see anything. It has been built from the ground up for speed and security, and we’re especially proud of the work that we have done.”

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