Cryptocurrency Communities Rally Support For Peyton Evans

Various Cryptocurrency communities have been brought together to help ease the pain and financial burden of Amy Whittemore and her family. Amy’s 15 year old daughter Peyton Evans, is in the hospital after going through surgery for an Aneurysm. The family and friends have put a video up on Youtube calling for support from various communities to help pay for the extensive medical expenses following the surgery.


It is with great sadness that I announce that Peyton Evans has passed away. We offer our greatest condolences to family and friends of Peyton. The family still needs donations to cover the very costly medical bills from the hospital. Donations to the family help pay for the bills and funeral arrangements.


[dropcap size=small]P[/dropcap]eyton’s condition was brought up by Reddit user Mkhaz from the Dogecoin community, who has been working constantly to raise support for the family. The Fluttercoin community heard about the news and reached out to Mkhzaz to be able to make donations in Fluttercoin. News reached the Bitcoin, the Karmacoin and the Reddcoin community, and now the family is receiving donations from multiple communities. The fundraiser took a setback when the Dogevault was attacked, and funds were lost. The fundraiser was setback to square one after the attack, but the Dogecoin community responded with more generosity and more donations. This campaign has brought together several cryptocurrency communities to unite to support a worthy cause.

The campaign has been seen on numerous Twitter feeds with the official by #prayforpeyton in its message to the community. Peyton’s family has appointed Mhkaz(@MhkazOfficial) to oversee the campaign while they focus on being by Peyton’s side at the hospital. Mkhaz has worked with several members of cryptocurrency communities to create official donation addresses that will help raise funds for the family.

This cross-cryptocurrency fundraiser goes to show that cryptocurrency communities that consider each other rivals can come together to unite to support a common goal. Peyton’s supporters have launched multiple sites to help raise funds for Peyton. Through cryptocurrencies, the campaign has achieved a massive boost to the publicity. The Dogecoin community is known for their ability to unite and support charity. Cryptocurrencies like Reddcoin are built for tipping, and the community has already donated generously despite the Reddcoin address just being setup for use this morning.
The family said the following about the campaign on the description of their Youtube video:

I understand that a lot of you may not know us, and you never yet gotten to meet the beautiful girl that we all love so dearly, but if you could find it in your heart to help our family. Prayers and donations appreciated more than you know. Our goal is to raise as many funds as humanly possible to alleviate any stress our mother and father are going through and will have to go through. Our family would like to be able to be near my sister, living in a different city and placing our jobs on hold, this will become more difficult by the day. Whatever you feel appropriate in doing for our family, your love and support would mean the world to all of us, especially Peyton.

The Financial stress of something like this is incredibly tough for any family. Donations help them with medical expenses to make sure Peyton is receiving all of the care she can get and help the family with bills as they cannot work their jobs at the moment.

Donations to help the family can be made at many places.

Last modified: May 17, 2014 20:48 UTC


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