CryptoCoaster 3: Trading Current Price Spike! + Getting Orders Filled

Gordon Hall
January 26, 2014

(This was sent out to our members in the Cryptocurrency Investment Club 12 hours ago)

This is the third Cryptocoaster video. I show my current trade from about 2 minutes after I entered, discuss my reasons for it and what went wrong with my previous trade.

There’s then some talk about the Money Flow Indicator and Volume Profile, then I look at Forex and Gold and a disturbing story about the potential pitfalls of fractional reserve banking…

There’s also good news and bad news about this video: the music is back but it’s just at the start and end. You must decide which news is which!


1) My Trading View profile, where you can see some of my published charts, follow various crypto and other markets in real time and share your own charts.

2) Money Flow Index on Investopedia.

3) Volume Profile description on Sierra Chart trading software page.

4) HSBC story on Zero Hedge (they also had an interesting Bitcoin article yesterday).

5) Wolf Richter dissects the problematic taper in paper.

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