CryptoCause Fundraiser to Help CCN Author Scott Fargo Pay Rising Medical Bills

August 31, 2014

CryptoCause is a new charitable organization dedicated to raising money to support Bitcoin mining community members who fall upon hard times. For its second fundraiser, CryptoCause selected CCN author and mining guru Scott Fargo, who has encountered a variety of serious medical issues over the last several years.


CryptoCause Fundraiser to Help CCN Author Scott Fargo Pay Rising Medical Bills

CryptoCause is a unique fundraising platform that allows people to contribute to charitable causes while simultaneously acquiring Bitcoin and Scrypt mining gear (the rigs rotate) at prices comparable to or even lower than those of the cheapest distributor. As the organization explains:

I believe a lot of people WANT to contribute to great causes, this will merely provide you with an opportunity unique to miners, where you get to contribute, while still expanding your mining footprint by acquiring mining gear at the best possible current prices, all in a manner uniquely convenient to miners, and getting rewarded for it.

CryptoCause’s first fundraiser raised money to help a disabled community member buy a golf cart so that he could drive to and from his doctor appointments.

For its second fund, CryptoCause selected CCN author Scott Fargo, who over the past several years has become disabled and incurred medical bills approaching six figures. In the process, Scott lost his insurance, and his family has struggled to make payments. Scott works as hard as his body will allow to provide for his family and pay down his debts, but his disability limits the amount of work he can accomplish in a day.

I spoke with Scott about the CryptoCause fundraiser. He explained his situation and gave moving answers about how the CryptoCause campaign will help his family pay off their nearly insurmountable bills related to his medical procedures.

For more information, view Scott’s original Hashtalk post.

Describe your situation and how CryptoCause can help.

In August 2012, I injured my back badly moving logs. It left me unable to walk at times and with permanent constant pain and spasms.  Now I have had 3 spinal surgeries since that time and two weeks ago a surprise surgery to remove my gallbladder and check my liver.

This happened to coincide with my family and I losing our health insurance August 1. So now we have this surgery and extra medical debt added to what we have built up in medical debt over the last two years. The community reacted when I vented recently about my situation and to thank them for reading my articles and the vendors like GAW, Spondoolies, Bitmain, Rockminer and others that send me miners and make it possible for me review new miners and be part of the wider world now that I am so limited in what I can do.

CryptoCause can help my family and I by helping us pay for this surgery and doctor visits as well as helping us have funds to pay for my physical therapy that will start in about 4 more weeks. I need to go 2 to 3 days a week, and it is $50 per visit and that is assuming we can get insurance reinstated or new insurance in time. I also have a doctor that I need to see who programs my spinal cord stimulator implant. I have a large outstanding debt there, and he cannot see me until it is paid up.

Once I start physical therapy, I will need to be able to adjust my implant programs to work with my physical changes both from the double spinal fusion I had 8 weeks ago now and from changes over time.  CryptoCause can help me with these things it would be great but even it was only $5 I would still be grateful.  The hardest thing this past 2 years has been realizing I need help and letting others help me.  I have usually done everything on my own and helped others. It is difficult to not be in that position anymore.

How has your disability affected you, both personally and professionally?

Ending up disabled was something I never thought would happen. I have had injuries before like most people: broken bones and dislocated joints, etc., but I always just healed up and kept going.  Nothing ever stopped me before.

When I first got hurt I was in shock, my right leg did not work right, and I could not walk most of the time. I looked forward to the first surgery I thought it would mean a few weeks of healing like anything else and I could just keep going. It is not the case. I had permanent damage and although I was able to walk more it was months of physical therapy and doctor visits and more spinal injections and procedures just to get by each day. I am unable to work because I cannot sit or stand too long. I frequently need to lay down and when the spasms hit my right back and leg I end up in screaming crying pain.

I am lucky in that CCN allows me the opportunity to write and communicate with the outside world. It has been extremely difficult to go from athletic and healthy to not knowing if I am going to be able to use the stairs without falling.  Depression is a constant unpleasant companion that is made worse by the constant intense pain. The past few months leading to my spinal fusion was even worse as I was in and out of a wheel chair. I don’t know what else to say it is a constant struggle both physically and emotionally.

Professionally, it has been devastating, I cannot work anymore and even though I have all these years of computer, networking and managerial experience it does not do me any good when I am stuck in bed 2/3 of my time awake. Since my injury have had 3 spinal surgeries, and it has taken its toll on me. The surprise with my gallbladder a couple weeks ago was just another blow. I just cannot seem to pick my head up with out getting my teeth kicked in. This injury has been the worst thing ever to happen to me. I would give so much to have an hour without pain.

What does this fundraiser mean to you?

First off the fundraiser was something that was a surprise.  I had gone on HashTalk to vent to a community that has become a large worldwide family, and people wanted to help me.  I am very humbled and grateful to them for this.  For me it means being able to pay for the care I need both physical therapy, doctor visits and hopefully being able to pay down to the medical debt that keeps climbing.

I do not even have the costs for the surgery I just had on my gallbladder and liver yet that happened while we had no insurance that will get added to it all. To me it means help for those things I cannot do for myself and a piece of mind that I can keep getting the treatment I need.

Over it all though I appreciate so much the offer of help from the community.  My wife and I have family that help us how they can give us a place to live and watching our daughter, but financial help is something we had not asked anyone for.  To have it offered when unlooked for is so amazing and appreciated so much I cannot articulate it.

CryptoCause is something that the community has gotten behind and will continue to do for so many people beyond me, and that is priceless.  I don’t even know what to say other thank you from my wife, daughter and I.  We appreciate this beyond words.

Support Scott Fargo and CryptoCause

Scott’s CryptoCause campaign is now live. You can support him by visiting the website and purchasing a miner or making a donation, as well as by sharing Scott’s story with your friends/family and on social media.

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