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Bitcoin Cash Pools: The Majority of Bitcoin SV Blocks Are Mined By 'Unknown' [Yes, Really]

Bitcoin SV, BSV

Like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV has large mining pools, each with a significant share of its SHA-256 hashrate. However, unlike the others, BSV has a nearly 44% majority who are “unknown,” according to data published by Coin.Dance. Comparing the above to Bitcoin’s same period chart, about 500% of the blocks in Bitcoin SV are mined by “unknown” compared to Bitcoin. The situation led a...

Bitcoin Spikes but EOS Skyrockets 25% in 24 Hours; How Far Can It Go?


EOS, the Enterprise Operating System, which was developed by Block One, saw a huge increase, more than double that of Bitcoin by percentage, in the past couple days. The base token had been pushing the $3 mark while Bitcoin bumpered around inside the $3600 range. When the Bitcoin price broke upwards last night, EOS went along with it – importantly, fiat markets didn’t adjust to the increased...

Crypto Market Round-Up: Another Bitcoin Break Near $4000 or Are The Bulls Rushing the Gate?

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is over $3900 globally, though many exchanges still have it trading closer to $3850. Ethereum’s broken beyond $140, might take $150 before the day is through. Bitcoin Cash is right behind it. It’s green everywhere you look. Even Bitcoin SV is on the rebound, resting at $68 after $155 million in trades. Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, only 4 were showing a negative 24-hour change. One was...

Former Citi Exec: Crypto Market Cap Still Smaller than Samsung, What’s Preventing Institutions' Entry?

Crypto, bitcoin

Hwang Hyeon-cheol, a former Citi and Allianz executive who worked on Wall Street for over two decades, has said that the valuation of the crypto market is still smaller than Samsung, the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The former Wall Street executive turned crypto investor and the CEO of Atomrigs, a digital asset custodian in the cryptocurrency market of South Korea, told a local...

Germany Explores Blockchain Strategy as Bitcoin Wars Heat Up

Germany, blockchain, bitcoin

Germany ― Europe's largest economy ― may be hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon as it explores how to deploy blockchain across various industries. The German government has launched a consultation process in a bid to formulate a comprehensive blockchain strategy before the summer begins. Berlin is a tech hub that's home to 170 startups that could use blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin...

Bitcoin Price Breaks Medium-Term Resistance after Surging 8% Near $4,000

Bitcoin, bitcoin price

The Bitcoin market came back on its bullish track during the February 18's trading session. The Bitcoin-to-Dollar rate (BTC/USD) on Monday established an intraday high towards 3917, up 8.08% since the open. The pair rallied through the Asian session and continued its upside momentum after the European market opened. Around 1600 UTC, BTC/USD also broke through a strong resistance trendline of the...

Put Your Money On Crypto for the Long-Term, Says Major Wealth Manager for Pensions

Bitcoin, crypto

It’s time institutional whales put their money into cryptocurrency according to major investment management firm Cambridge Associates. IT’S TIME TO ‘BEGIN EXPLORING’ SAYS CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATES The Boston-based consultancy only advises major institutions who manage more than $300 billion worth of clients’ assets. Cambridge was quoted in Bloomberg on Monday as saying: “Despite the challenges, we...

A Huge EU Bank Just Ruthlessly Froze People’s Accounts, Sparking Claims of Racism. It Would Never Happen With Bitcoin

BBVA, Bitcoin

Spain’s second-largest bank, BBVA, has aggressively frozen up to 5,000 accounts without warning. Many of the accounts belonged to Chinese clients, leading to cries of racism. The bank, however, claims it was acting on Spanish anti-money laundering rules. Spain's second-largest bank has apologized after hundreds of Chinese customers accused the group of racism for freezing their bank accounts...

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