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Crypto Star Andrew Yang Snubbed by DNC Ahead of Key Debate

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM
Gerelyn Terzo
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:39 PM

Cryptocurrency fan and Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang may be gaining popularity, but he’s basically being kicked to the curb by the DNC.

Analysis by SimilarWeb  cited in Yahoo Finance reveals that Yang has taken the No. 3 spot for website traffic among the pool of Democratic presidential hopefuls, behind Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But his party isn’t making things easy for him. According to Andrew Yang, the Democratic National Committee is making him jump through hoops to qualify for a critical debate that is planned for September. He tweeted:

Less than 24 hours after we hit our 4th qualifying poll for the fall debates, the DNC has revoked our 2nd qualifying poll. I have a feeling the #YangGang  is not going to like this.” 

Based on the replies from said Yang Gang, he was right. One person blamed it on the DNC already having its mind made up.

“You’re an outsider. The DNC already picked Kamala. Just watch the questions she receives. All softballs. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donna Brazile gave her the questions already.”

Apparently, Yang was counting on a pair of separate polls performed by NBC (in addition to two other polls), but that’s a no-no for the DNC. They say that candidates must score a 2 percent minimum on four separate polls, and they won’t count NBC twice, The Hill reports .

Andrew Yang, a venture capitalist, is also popular in crypto land for his support of tech innovation. He believes “the blockchain has vast potential .” The Humanity Forward Fund, which supports Yang, is  “exclusively accepting bitcoin [donations] for 21 days.”

andrew yang
Source: humanityfwd.org

Andrew Yang is also known for his “freedom dividend,” which would pay Americans $1,000 monthly to be funded by the likes of Amazon sales.

Andrew Yang Will Get Over It

The DNC snub may have annoyed Yang, but based on his “driving dunk” below, we think the presidential hopeful will get over it.

Yang reportedly has until late August to qualify for the September debate, so all is not lost. Yang is also expected to participate in the Dem debate on July 31 .