Crypto Stamp Uses Bitcoin to Stop Students Who Lie About Late Papers

January 21, 2014
Joe Rogan is a comedian who famously used the Internet to out Carlos Mencia as a joke thief.

People are starting to realize that Bitcoin is about more than just money, and one of the latest innovations in the space comes from Crypto Stamp. The basic idea behind this project is that people will be able to verify the exact time that they finished an assignment or sent someone a file in the Bitcoin blockchain. This is a form of decentralized trust, which could be a huge issue for college students. If you’ve ever sent your professor an email about how you swear you sent your assignment a few days ago or your Internet connection wasn’t working that day, then you now have a reason to hate Bitcoin. Many people have openly discussed the idea of technology making it harder for people to lie to each other in the future, but not many were expecting this change to come so soon. Although this can be viewed as a positive for all of humanity, there are some people who still like the clunkiness involved with current online services. Even services that corrupt your Word documents on purpose could be made obsolete by Crypto Stamp. In addition to preventing procrastination by college students, the blockchain could also be used to prevent people from stealing creative content, such as jokes, from others.

Human Evolution Through Bitcoin

The decentralized ledger of Bitcoin allows us to create a new system of trust where the things that you say, create, or send can be verified by the blockchain. At first, this just sounds like an awesome new form of technology, but it’s actually much more than that. We are actually witnessing the evolution of the human race in real time. This technology makes it much harder for people to lie, and the people who do lie will be exposed rather quickly. There were a few people who thought bitcoins could be an interesting form of money a few years ago, but I would bet not many of them were counting on Bitcoin to spearhead an evolutionary change in humanity. The Internet has already made it much harder to lie, but Bitcoin could take this evolutionary change to the next level.

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Kyle Torpey @kyletorpey

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