Crypto-Repo Trading: Oxygen Announces Launch of Platform Bringing Mainstream Features

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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Repo or repurchase agreement is a widely used tool for the traditional assets. It is a way to raise money or increase liquidity with a promise to purchase any assets back at a predetermined price. Repos are considered a safer investment than securities as there is an agreement to buy back the assets by the end of the agreed timeframe.

While bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world has recently seen the release of futures, repo trading is still in its infancy when it comes to cryptocurrencies. There is a void in the market for a more stable form of investment in the crypto world and repo trading can be a good option for investors not willing to take such high risks as normally involved in trading.

Oxygen is a new crypto repo trading platform that will provide new opportunities for crypto assets holders from around the spectrum to earn income, raise more funds and take a wide-ranging investment and integration with each other.

Oxygen Platform’s Features

Safe collatorization, collateral reuse, efficient portfolio management and collateralized investment are only some of the advantages of getting into repo trading. Oxygen are currently targeting a wide range of crypto holders with several goals in mind for the future development of the platform and the crypto repo industry.

Benefits of the Oxygen Platform include:

  • All crypto users can post their assets as collateral to free up some money so they can use it for their any short term needs.
  • Tokenized Businesses can look to fill liquidity gaps and deploy liquidity surpluses with the help of the new platform.
  • Crypto banking platforms can earn idle income by lending their money on interest
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges benefit from this move by allowing users more trading options on their platforms.

So, basically a party borrows crypto assets and promises to return them later at a fixed price set before. The borrower provides the crypto assets to the lender as collateral that can be claimed later on if the borrower defaults.

Decentralization and Smart Contracts

The digital transaction is secure and is based on the Ethereum Blockchain’s smart contracts feature. The contracts themselves are based on GMRA, a global repo industry’s tried and tested legal framework that is the backbone of the $12 trillion global repo industry. The smart contract itself is directly written by the new platform and is not stored or operated by a third party in any event.

Oxygen also has a host of P2P exchange features including web interfaces, community driven order book, an order processing engine and an AI-based risk management toolkit. The market will serve all ERC-20 compliant coins which essentially make up more than $120 billion capitalization in the cryptocurrency market.

The native token is called the OXG token and aims to be registered in the US as an Alternative Trading System (ATS). The native coin will be used as an internal currency in the platform.

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