Crypto Micro Investment App Launches in Melbourne

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MyVested helps millennials invest spare change into cryptocurrencies

WHO: Sean Odisho and Colin Watson, co-founders of MyVested

WHAT: MyVested is the world’s first app helping people to invest in cryptocurrencies without a wallet or key

WHERE: MyVested is a resident at independent fintech hub, Stone, and Chalk at Docklands, Melbourne Australia


  • Sean Odisho is a former military man and real estate agent who got the idea for MyVested after teaching his mum how to invest in cryptocurrency. He realised that while people are aware of digital currency, many lack the time to investigate what to buy, how to buy, where to store and when to sell assets.
  • Sean partnered with Colin Watson (a cybersecurity specialist who has worked with corporates including Ernst and Young, Yahoo! and Indeed) and formed MyVested in 2017. Their mission is to make digital currency easy and transparent for everyone to use while minimizing fees.
  •  MyVested has just started taking registrations for a beta version of its web app. A mobile version of the app is in development.
  • MyVested offers a fast, simple and secure way to invest in cryptocurrency. Users can invest through round-ups, recurring deposits, and lump sum deposits.
  • Using their spare change, users can make micro-transactions and buy fractions of any currency. MyVested does not offer ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) for investment. Users can invest in different cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin.
  • MyVested users can choose an automated portfolio of pre-selected assets or create a custom portfolio. Automated portfolios are selected and rebalanced using the app’s proprietary algorithm. The app chooses cryptocurrencies based on relevant market data. These portfolios are represented as conservative, moderate and aggressive.
  • Custom portfolios are created and wholly managed by the user, who can choose from more than 150 available digital assets across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • MyVested is available with no setup fees and no fees on $0 balances, withdrawals, or cancellations. MyVested charges a flat fee of 1.25 percent of the user’s transaction amount and $0.37 bank transfer, regardless of their account balance.
  • Users must invest a minimum of $5 per week to invest in pre-selected portfolios. Custom portfolios have a minimum of $5 per coin. Users can deposit and withdraw up to $8000 per day.

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