Crypto-Forex 101 Tutorial Gets Right To It With No BS

Mark M. Bravura
April 19, 2014

It’s no wonder why so many aspiring cryptocurrency day traders are getting taken to the cleaners, given the fact that there’s precious little truly reliable (i.e. quality) information on this very topic. Leave it to the CryptoForex Team over at to stand and deliver with the Crypto-Forex 101 Tutorial, above and beyond the call of duty:

  • No commercial agenda,
  • No signing up for anything,
  • And no product pitches.

Crypto-Forex 101 is indisputably the most thorough, objective and well-presented tutorial of its type to date; unraveling the hidden mysteries of cryptocurrrency trading like no other. Moreover, this Altcoin Trading Manifesto does not assume any prior altcoin trading experience whatsoever.

From the Crypto-Forex 101 Tutorial:

“For those of you just getting into crypto-forex, you’ve come to the right place. We at @CryptoForex have decided to compile a comprehensive introductory guide for new traders. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to start getting into cryptocurrency trading.

We’ll cover the process of placing orders, from when you decide your ask or bid price, all the way to its final execution. We hope you’ll find this guide simple enough to easily follow with very little experience, yet comprehensive enough for even the most experienced traders to learn a little something.”

Crypto-Forex 101 kicks off the party with a plain, simple English definition of the most important and most common crypto exchange terminologies and dives right into a well-executed mini-tutorial featuring the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e.

It does a great job of explaining:

  • How to place an order,
  • The difference between market orders and limit order,
  • The advantages and disadvantages of both types of orders.

Crypto-Forex 101 Highlights:

The pace then picks up with core Candlestick chart analysis essentials, featuring the Candlestick chart awesomeness of BitcoinWisdom (Math Geeks will find “What is StochRSI?” almost erotic).

Crypto-Forex 101 masterfully balances important caveats and considerations:

  • Know how to avoid certain types of pitfalls.
  • Discover a concise explanation of support and resistance levels.
  • Explore the essential process of designing your own personal trading strategies, as well as some good solid strategies to consider.
  • Unleash an under-utilized yet powerful tool built right into the BitcoinWisdom charting platform (free) in the section entitled “Evaluating Market Depth”.
  • Learn a bold trading strategy that cleverly leverages a Crypto Trader’s worst enemy in “Aggressive Strategies For Slippage”.
  • Wrap things up with a smooth transition straight into“Stop-Loss and Risk Management” topped off with a brief discussion on automated trading robots (aka ‘trade bots’) and bot farming.

By the time you’ve savored each and every tender, juicy crypto-trading morsel, you’ll be ready to devour Candlestick chart strategy tutorial videos by true ‘Candlestick Jedi’, such as Candlestick Master Stephen Bigalow.

The CryptoForex Team has pulled off the seemingly impossible: Take a subject as complex as trading cryptocurrencies and serve it up in easy-to-digest bite-sized pieces of pure crypto trading goodness.

Do you have a great resource for fellow Altcoin Traders? If so, we’d love to hear about it below!

Mark M. Bravura

Mark M. Bravura is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and passionate advocate of bitcoin and it's related altcoin innovations. When not writing, he likes to search the interwebs for exciting new breakthroughs and projects within the bitcoin ecosystem.