Crypto-Currency Only Artist Organizes Charity Auction For Ailing Dorian Nakamoto

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November 10, 2015 10:20 AM UTC

A charity auction for Dorian Nakamoto features art pieces by well-known Bitcoin-only artist Crypto Graffiti, whose work explores cryptocurrencies and the big banks he believes Bitcoin undermines. The pseudonymous artist is the first to use a public-facing bitcoin wallet for donations for street art. His work can be seen in The Wall Street Journal and other publications.

After Newsweek claimed it had found Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, a media whirlwind circled Dorian Nakamoto, who until this day denies being Bitcoin’s founder. Nakamoto claimed his world was turned upside down and received donations for the mess in which he found himself.

Around that time, Crypto Graffiti reached out to Dorian with the idea to create art for his benefit. Now, Dorian finds himself in ill health (Crypto Graffiti wouldn’t say why out of respect for Dorian) making the project for timely than ever. Crypto Coins News sat down with Crypto Graffiti to learn more about the project.

What is your relationship like with Dorian Nakamoto?

CG: Dorian and I are friends and communicate frequently. I initially approached him shortly after the Newsweek fiasco offering to create a work of art for his benefit. Long story short, he is in financial trouble and I made the piece currently up for auction to help out.  

What is he like?  

CG: Dorian is a good man. He is intelligent, calm and good-humored. His growing knowledge of Bitcoin has surprised me.  

Why is Dorian Nakamoto an important figure in Bitcoin?

CG: There is considerable negativity within our community and recent controversies such as the block chain debate have unfortunately divided us. The outpouring of support for Dorian during the Newsweek fiasco shows that when the rubber meets the road, we help one another. We came together to right a wrong.  Mainstream media was attempting to profit from nefarious actions. Many would argue that Bitcoin was founded based on similar principles.   

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How is art important to Bitcoin?

CG: For Bitcoin to grow, we want all walks of life to participate. Remember all the cliques in high school?  We want all of ‘em. The more the merrier. But right now, the large majority of users are still early tech adopter types. Millions of people have already tried and failed to grasp Bitcoin after hearing a jargon-laced pitch from their Comp-Sci-major friend. Art and design can help the concept sink in with this visually-inclined segment of the population.  

When someone asks what I do and I tell them I make Bitcoin-related art and design, their defenses come down. They feel at ease and ask me questions they’re too afraid to ask a programmer at the risk of sounding stupid. They feel like I’m one of them.

What are some of your favorite art/bitcoin projects? (either technology or artwork)

CG: Augur’s prediction market is fascinating.  It takes some real balls to publicly attempt a project of that nature knowing heavy scrutiny lies ahead. Verisart has taken on the incredibly ambitious task of solving verifiable provenance by cataloguing all of the world’s art on the block chain.

Art:  Christopher Steininger’s “The Slaying of the BearWhale” is great.  Hate to admit it, but I really like the infamous Newsweek issue cover art too.

Do you plan on expanding from crypto topics in your work?

CG: No, my art will remain exclusively Bitcoin-related. I was the first artist to only accept Bitcoin for my work and this will also continue.

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Do you feel you’re in violation of any copyrights?

CG: It depends on the logo in question, but considering how much central banking has fucked us over, I don’t have any qualms about it. One of the world’s largest banks sent a cease-and-desist. The shirts are short-lived.

What other projects do you have in works?

CG: I have some exciting projects in the works, but at this point would prefer to plug the artwork created for Dorian’s benefit.  If you would like to view my art, please visit  

Thank you for chatting!

CG: Thank you for the interview.

The charity auction can be found here.

Featured image from Crypto Graffiti.

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