London Blockchain Conference Pulls Headline After Crypto Community Threatens to Boycott Faketoshi

October 14, 2019 5:00 PM UTC

A London blockchain conference has pulled the headline for one of its most controversial talks after the crypto community rallied in defiance against its speaker – the self-proclaimed creator of bitcoin Craig Wright, AKA ‘Faketoshi’.

The CC Forum scheduled to take place Oct. 14-16 has a number of high-profile figures attending, including the infamous anti-crypto advocate Nouriel ‘Dr. Doom’ Roubini.

Wright’s Fireside chat was controversially titled, “What Was Your Purpose as Satoshi Writing the Whitepaper?” but has since been removed seemingly in response to a boycott from the crypto community.

No headline but it’s pretty clear what Faketoshi will talk about. | Source: Twitter

Moderators sandwiched the speech among other dubiously named talks like “What is the Perfect Crypto Wallet?” and “What Does it Take to Be a Billionaire?”

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide, Faketoshi

BitMEX Research caught wind of the headline on Sunday afternoon and promptly fired up a tweetstorm in protest of Craig Wright’s unrelenting Satoshi Nakamoto claim.

BitMEX reminds readers of Craig Wright’s legal troubles. | Source: Twitter

The research team is well-known in the community for publishing comprehensive studies on blockchain technology. And this time is no different as the tweets dove deeper into Wright’s alleged fraudulent dealings.

Wright continues to be plagued by legal troubles, the latest of which sees the contentious doctor enter into settlement discussions in the Ira Kleiman bitcoin holdings case.

Expect Nothing Less Than a Crypto Bar Brawl

Other notable speakers at the conference include Brock Pierce, Tim Draper, John McAfee, and Tone Vays. The latter, a technical analyst, is one of the more outspoken Bbtcoin maximalists in cryptocurrency today.

Vays will have the chance to defend his beloved bitcoin when he takes to the stage delivering his keynote address, “Bitcoin: Why Will Other Blockchains and Altcoins Die?”

The forks have come out in full force, however. Roger Ver of Bitcoin Cash will be there while Wright will be representing Bitcoin SV.

The panel looks like a perfect cocktail for a maximalist bar brawl. The various bitcoin factions are likely to duke it out in their quest for cryptocurrency legitimacy.

One probable reason the headline was pulled is this tweet in which Litecoin creator Charlie Lee scolds Vays for attending in the first place:

Charlie Lee scolds Vays for attending a conference with Faketoshi. | Source: Twitter

Vays defended his position, claiming he has no problem defending bitcoin against scammers on the same stage.

Moderators may have removed the headline but so far it appears that Craig Wright’s talk will go ahead. If you’re going, bring some popcorn.

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