Cryptocoin radio 2Cryptocoin radio was launched on Saturday (the 10th of May). It  brings music, discussion and cryptocoin news, delivered on the hour by top DJs. It gets better! They’re using a brand new decentralised radio platform to bring news and music to the initiated.  Anthony Cuthbertson, writing in the International Business Times,  states that this revolution is now well in hand.


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he people behind this exciting new idea stated that:

“There will be news, music, discussion and cryptocoin news delivered on the hour by real DJs and hosts. Unlike so many other internet radio stations on the web, we don’t use a centralised server or platform. Instead, we broadcast using a revolutionary new Internet Radio technology which is decentralised and peer-to-peer that works exactly like cryptocurrency itself! The streamer P2P Internet Radio Network uses a unique client that uses peer-to-peer streaming technology.

Every listener also relays the audio stream to other listeners, forming a giant network just like a cryptocoin does. Both listeners and broadcasters remain completely anonymous, and everyone shares the work of spreading the stream”.

The station was launched, live, at 12 p.m.(ET) on Saturday and was the first to be hosted by Mastercoin creator, AnonymousPirate.

As a sweetener for early listeners Crypto Coin Radio has announced:

“Crypto Coin Radio officially launched at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time last Saturday. We will be giving away hundreds of Thousands of various alt coins to our listeners during the first 36 hours of official broadcasting. Our host will be the World famous coin maker Anonymous Pirate. Tune in and be a part of this historic launch”.

Details of how we can all tune in can be found at cryptocoinradio‘s website.

It will be interesting to see how the new radio station performs and whether it can bridge the obvious language and age gaps that exist between cryptocoin enthusiasts. Cryptocoin users may well tune in for the news; the initial promotional freebies will draw in a few as well, but, whether or not Crypto Coin Radio will hold listeners in the longer-term, or not, remains to be seen. I am a firm believer in the fact that we need, as a community, to support as many projects from our peers as possible. I believe that this radio station is worth an hour or two. Interestingly, the site quotes times in ET. It might attract more people if they also included the time as GMT as most people across the world know their own time zone in relation to GMT; ET, not so much. If the station is to succeed, it will need to make certain important decisions. Do they envision themselves providing a worldwide news service or will they target the US east coast initially and see how it develops? Incidentally, ET to GMT should be -4 hours. So the radio will be online at 18:00 GMT.

I will listen for a while, but if the content turn’s out to be completely off the wall, or boring, I’m outta there. It must be said that this appears to be a great idea. If it’s well run and delivers what it promises, it has the potential to be great. It’s a development that our community should support. They are entitled to that. There are not entitled to hold those listeners. Perhaps, just perhaps, this will be brilliant.