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All it took was one simple change for crushingly-difficult Steam game The End Is Nigh to ignite a 1,000% surge in game sales. | Source: Gamespot/YouTube
  • The End Is Nigh sales jump 1,000% thanks to Steam Workshop integration.
  • Developer praises simple, eloquent design of Steam mod support.
  • News signals hunger for mod integration.

Full-price sales of somber indie adventure platformer, The End Is Nigh, have skyrocketed since introducing Steam Workshop support last week.

On Tuesday, co-developer Tyler Glaiel said on Twitter that sales are up an astounding 1,000% since integrating the Steam mod feature.

The End Is Nigh Steam Workshop Support Leads to 1000% Sales Spike
This Steam game saw sales surge by 1,000% after adding modder support. | Source: Twitter

The End Is Nigh Steam Workshop Integration

In the same tweet, Glaiel details the merits of Workshop, noting the clear benefits for any game that has a dedicated fan base making mods.

He further lauds Workshop’s eloquent, yet simple modding support solution. Steam Workshop allows players to submit, find, and play all manner of community-made content and mods. The simple combination of a mod directory file manager and a bare-bones WinForms app mod launcher allows the game to run fan-created mods effortlessly.

Interestingly, Glaiel claims that the peak in sales carried over from a one-day deal coinciding with Workshop integration. This suggests interest in mod support had been brewing for some time with potential players holding out until it arrived.

Sales Spike Reveals Hunger for Modding Support

The stratospheric rise in sales is excellent news for The End Is Nigh’s frustratingly difficult and sinister take on a post-apocalyptic platforming playground. SteamDB currently estimates the sales have led to an 88% surge in player numbers from its pre-Workshop support days.

But, more importantly, it highlights a hunger for modding support on Steam, which could be instrumental in injecting new life into older titles. Case in point – Tyler Glaeil and Edmund McMillen, of Super Meat Boy fame, launched The End is Nigh two years ago.

The End Is Nigh is currently discounted 40% in the Steam Halloween Sale, which launched yesterday. It brings the price down to just $8.99 (and a whole lot cheaper if you happen to be in Argentina), so if you want to check out Steam Workshop mods in all their glory, there’s never been a better time.

This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.

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