The Creators of an Innovative Platform for Integration of Services HIPE Have Successfully Launched the Pre-ICO

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The number of applications that solve a particular problem is constantly growing. Day to day we use a lot of mobile services for work, communication and entertainment. By downloading great number of applications users spent time learning the functionality and filling out the databases. And how much time is spent on multiple switches between services? How can one avoid wasting this extremely valuable recourse when using gadgets? In the applications market there is still no convenient reliable ecosystem with many interconnected services for business and life. This problem is designed to solve the HIPE platform - a new generation of applications for business and personal interaction.

The HIPE is an innovative ecosystem for business and personal interaction with many useful functions for business and ordinary users. The HIPE offers a user a unique set of tools for business, work, entertainment, communication, information storage, creation and sharing of content in social networks, blogs, and chats. In addition the production of ideas for new services and their implementation continues all the time. Thus, ecosystem gives a person everything that he has already got used daily to as well as innovative services that he could only dream of. And all of them will be combined in one application.

The main advantages of the HIPE are convenience, speed and ease of interaction. In addition, the possibility of expanding the functions of the application is unrestricted due to the open API with a designer for integration of external services. Therefore, it opens the way for all users who have created their own unique services and applications. In the HIPE each user will be able to place the written program, the developed service, the invented functional. It is enough to integrate the product into the HIPE ecosystem, so that private users can apply it on the terms of the functionality stated by the author (developer).

HIPE - the project of the first platform for integration of various services currently carries out the preliminary sale of HIT tokens in order to finance its further development. The main part of the funds raised will be spent on developing software for the ecosystem. The application already has a working version. The product works in a closed test mode so far. Selected subscribers who will send an application on the site can become its users and take part in HIPE testing. In addition, an experienced project team testifies of the profitability of investments. HIPE specialists, many of whom have years of experience in this field, clarify that the ecosystem will profit from paid modules, advertising, paid entertainment content, subscriptions. As the project develops, other ways of monetization will appear. The claimed self-repayment – 2,5 years, which allows you to expect getting profit from tokens in this period.

The pre-ICO began on September 29, 2017 and will continue until October 13, 2017 during which it is planned to sell 1 000 000 HIT tokens (1000 HIT = 1 ETH). It should be noted that in the conditions of the HIPE’s ongoing fundraising for financing its future growth with the help of produced HIT tokens, interesting is the fact that the earlier the investor purchases the project's tokens, the greater will be the size of the bonus provided to him. During the pre-ICO investors will be at once accrued bonuses at a rate of 40% to the amount of the purchased HIT tokens. The company will also continue to provide bonus for buying tokens in the first few weeks of the ICO, however, the bonus size will be several times smaller: until November 12 - 20%, until November 17 - 15%, until November 22 - 10%, until November 30 - 5 %. Bonuses are calculated immediately when you buy. Total amount of issued HIT tokens – 35 850 000.

The platform is distinguished by such main advantages as:

- ability to work, make payments, chat in chat rooms and social networks in the single convenient and multifunctional platform with its own crypto currency and cloud storage;

- availability of a market with the ability to pay for goods and services using HIT tokens;

- innovative solutions for such modules as “Business Cards”, “Calendars”, “Translator”, etc. for optimal business interaction and for personal life;

- a unique speech translator that supports 50 languages, allowing you to communicate without borders and without the extra difficulties;

- open API with a designer for integration of external services.

The project is interesting for investors due to innovations. The ability to integrate any services through an open API with a visual constructor provides a powerful growth potential for profitability and ecosystem development for the benefit of users and investors. Its own cryptocurrency will become a means of payment for goods and services within the ecosystem. It can be converted through stock exchanges with transfer to a bank card. Given all of the above, and also due to the limited issue of tokens, to mandatory payment of bonuses, to an experienced team of professionals and to lack of similar applications in the market, it can be assumed that after the ICO the exchange value of the HIT tokens will increase. Thus, participation in the HIPE’s crowdsale will allow you not only to join an interesting and advanced project in the field of mobile applications, but also to receive a considerable profit in the future by selling HIT tokens on the open market.

More information about the HIPE can be found on their official website, where whitepaper, greenpaper and other important documents are placed, in which there are presented the details of pre-ICO, ICO and the platform itself, or on the pages of the project in all popular social networks.

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