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Cosplay Offers a New Take on the Crypto-Blockchain Market

Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:27 AM
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Last Updated May 2, 2023 11:27 AM
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Underrated and often unconsidered – Cosplay industry’s Blockchain implementation offers a bevy of opportunities for Crypto enthusiasts all over the world

Real Estate, E-commerce, Social Media and even Stock trading. All these conventional and rather nifty fields have scene some or the other association with blockchain, wherein the new technology offers several solutions to incumbent issues.

These conventional implementations often form the basis of a crypto investor’s portfolio without a clear run of the return on investment or even the token’s utility in the market in the long run.

One market segment however, offers a plethora of potential to crypto enthusiasts while solving the problems of a burgeoning market. Cosplay – which essentially is an amalgam of ‘Costume’ and ‘play’, offers a multi-billion dollar market up for disruption and radical changes through blockchain.

The industry which until last decade was still considered a mainstay for ‘nerds’ or ‘comic geeks’ has gathered a powerful momentum through comic-cons, mainstream movies from DC or Marvel or just a plain video game tussle bolstering the art and craft of cosplay.


Now as interesting as the industry is, there are some issues and bottlenecks in revenue transfer, transparency, and valuation in the cosplay market that creates a case for blockchain’s implementation. Add to that the market’s growth trajectory – with exponential adoption by the mainstream, a consistent roster of artists and cosplayers, increasing spending potential, strong online presence and large supporting infrastructure.

These tenets alone outline the sheer potential of the market in terms of investments or speculation by crypto-currency enthusiasts. In addition to the inherent value that cosplay brings to the table, it’s association with pop-culture adds to its allure in terms of revenue potential for an investor.

As for the opportunity for crypto enthusiasts, Cosplay Token by Cure WorldCosplay community offers a way to invest in an ICO with huge potential and headway into the industry.

Using the Using the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, players will be able to create and distribute their own personalised coin – bringing power back to cosplayers. The feature also enables them to monetize themselves and their art as these coins can be used to tip players, make purchases, and allow cosplayers to develop deeper relationships with their fans.

The community platform, Cure WorldCosplay also boasts of supporters, fans and sponsors from all around the world. Its photo-sharing social platform is available in 12 different languages, with more than 720,000 members from over 180 countries – with more than 6.5 million images.

The token is already seen a strong support by the cosplay enthusiasts who see it as a way to strengthen the community while curbing any revenue sharing or transparency issues. The token’s release is also exciting due to the fact that Cosplay Token (COT) is the first token of its kind – that means it’s the first blockchain implementation in a $180bn industry.

For a budding crypto geek or a seasoned crypto investor, Cosplay Token (COT) offers quite a lot of intrigue, interest and potential in terms of its sheer utility and need in the market. Moreover, the potential of COT would be in full swing in the crowd sale of the token on their website . Offering limited tokens in exchange for ETH, the token presents a wide base of opportunity to investors and intrigued crypto enthusiasts to invest in a solid, evergreen market.

For more information about Cosplay Token, Crowdsale or the WorldCosplay community, head out to – https://cot.curecos.com/