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With blockchain technology deemed a key component of Industry 4.0, and the global videogame industry valued at over $100 billion and set to grow to over $128 billion by 2020, the potential for developing unique new gaming experiences is clear. As a result, a number of companies are gearing up to stake their claim in this new frontier by creating decentralized games via which players can trade in cryptocurrency.

For players that long to raise a virtual dragon and earn at the same time, Coopet, the debut blockchain-based fighting and trading game from Cootech Company could be the answer.

What is Coopet?

Coopet is an Ethereum-based virtual dragon-raising game, the first in Cootech’s Game Ecosystem. According to the developers, the game allows players to own digital assets and buy, sell, exchange and breed their “pets”, a major step forward for online gaming.

Cootech Company

Singapore-based Cootech’s stated mission is to build compelling games based on blockchain technology. It aims to expand and partner with like-minded online gaming companies to create the next generation of titles.

Coopet: Key Game Modes

  • Solo Arena: players control dragons which fight/players perform daily missions to receive bonuses
  • Concentration Arena (boss hunt): deathmatch-like fighting mode in which winners receive daily/weekly/monthly prizes (dragon eggs/virtual money)

Mating/Reproducing and Fighting

The dragons in Coopet will be able to mate and produce baby dragons. Male dragons will have a mating function, while female dragons will be able to reproduce. Eggs created from mating are called golden eggs, which can be sold by the player. The resulting baby dragons will be classified according to their rarity, with higher rarity corresponding to higher prices. In addition, players can earn rewards for winning fights.

Game Technology

Coopet will use a combination of homegrown Cootech technology and Ethereum’s intelligent contract handling to build an ecosystem that can create thousands of dragons per minute. Each Coopet will be represented by a set of Cootech tokens. Players will be unable to copy, modify or destroy the tokens.

Key Selling Points of Coopet

  •  All assets owned by player
  •  Transparent blockchain-based trading
  •  Seamless operation

COO Token

Cootech’s token (COO) is based on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20 standard) and will serve as the main trading currency in the game. The total token supply will be set at 120 million for pre-sale and ICO sales. Any excess COO tokens remaining after the pre-sale and ICO sale period will be burned. According to the developers, in each part of a two-part COO sale, the token price will increase by $0.025 every 48 hours, with COO acting as a global transfer unit which affects the liquidity required in the game market. Players will be able to use COO tokens with other titles in the Cootech Game Ecosystem or keep them as a long-term investment. Coopet’s creators hope that it will become the premier platform for online gaming in the future.

Coopet Release Dates

According to promotional material, Solo Arena will launch on September 20, 2018, with player rewards in the form of COO or ETH tokens. The boss-hunting mode, Concentration Arena will follow on October 10, with winners rewarded with tokens or diamond eggs.

Looking to the Future

With potentially massive rewards for companies that can successfully marry appealing gaming experiences with decentralized economies and the facility for players to own digital assets earned, traded or won in-game, Cootech may be well-placed to benefit from their virtual dragon-raising title, Coopet. If they do manage to live up to their own hype, Coopet might only be the first in a long line of blockchain-based game titles from the developer.

To learn more about Coopet visit the website, read the whitepaper and follow Coopet on Twitter and Facebook.


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