Convertible Geneviève Bond: Risk-Controlled Assets on the Blockchain


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Geneviève are delighted to announce the launch of the Convertible Geneviève Bond, the first risk-controlled investment on the Blockchain!

The opportunity allows investors to receive bonus tokens ahead of the upcoming public crowdsale. The smart contract will automatically issue 3000 GXVC for each invested unit of Ether. The minimum investment is 0.5 Ether, i.e. 1 CGB. Following the holding period, on February, 20th, all participants will be eligible to redeem twice their nominal Ether investment or an equivalent amount of GXVC, at $0.10. Proceeds from the upcoming crowdsale will be used to fund Ether redemptions; 2% of our crowdsale target will allow Geneviève to meet repayment obligations. All convertible bonds are backed by Geneviève VC tokens.

This project will further Geneviève’s capacity to invest in marketing, recruitment, exchange listings and press releases; consequently, we will be able to run a stronger campaign in support of our upcoming crowdsale, resulting in a greater number of investment ventures.  Token holders will be the recipient of such rewards by way of token value appreciation and quarterly dividend payments.   

Terms & Conditions:


  • Convertible Bond parameters


    • Available CGB: 300
    • CGB price: 0.5 Ether
    • Minimum contribution: 0.5 Ether
    • Holding period: 90 days



  • Date


    • Opening date: December, 8th, 2017
    • Closing date: December, 24th, 2017
    • Redemption/conversion date:  February, 20th, 2018



  • Reimbursement conditions


    • Premium reimbursement: 1500 GXVC (per CGB)
    • Nominal reimbursement: 1 Ether (per CGB)



  • Conversion conditions


    • Premium reimbursement: 1500 GXVC (per CGB)
    • Nominal reimbursement: subject to Ether’s price (per CGB)


Investment instructions:

To participate, send the desired amount of Ether (minimum contribution: 0.5), to the following smart contract address:




We recommend using a 120,000 Gas limit. Your GXVC tokens will automatically be deposited in to your Ethereum wallet by way of the smart contract once the transaction has been confirmed.


Custom Token Information:

Contract Address: 0x22F0AF8D78851b72EE799e05F54A77001586B18A

Token Symbol: GXVC

Decimal: 10


Note: We recommend using MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or Mist; such wallets offer seamless integration with the ERC223 token standard.

Referral Bonus:

A 10% bonus is being offered to all who refer a participant to this investment program. The investor must inform Geneviève of their references Telegram contact information via email – [email protected].

Additional Information:

Communication channels:


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