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On September 28th, the pre-ICO of  a large-scale translation service – LangPie, is starting. The creators of the platform promise to solve the problem of language barriers once and for all. Everyone will be able to use the services of translators, just as anyone can become an interpreter if he can pass the test. This means that a unified world community of interpreters will be created.

Regardless of the country, the problem of the language barrier is equally acute for tourists, emigrants and business people. It is not enough to understand the meaning of phrases, it is necessary to understand the context. Software solutions cannot provide translations with sufficient accuracy and reliability. Moreover, such applications mainly translate only texts, not live speech. The services of an interpreter accompanying you everywhere are quite expensive. LangPie, in turn, provides knowledge of professional translators at a very affordable price. Every user can be sure that he will receive high-quality services. All interpreters will undergo several tests and trial assignments to determine the level of preparation. Such a filtering system completely removes the non-professionals from this service.

Why it is based on blockchain? First, it completely solves the problem of fake reviews and creates a reliable rating system. The system completely regulates itself, reviews fully reflect the quality of the interpreter’s work thanks to smart-contracts.  International transactions have always been inconvenient for users. A unified system of payment, like PayPal also takes a certain commission for the conversion of funds. Langpie solves the problem of payment by entering their own tokens. The user does not need to convert currency, LangPie tokens will be used as a means of payment regardless of the location of the translator. Such an ecosystem will be convenient for all users and will exclude third parties from the payment process.

Speaking about the benefits of investment in this project, we cannot fail to name the scope of the services of translators – global language services account for more than 40 billion US dollars. The number of tourists annually exceeds a billion people, so a translator is extremely needed everywhere.

«We have set ourselves the task of completely providing language support for every inhabitant of the Earth.- says CEO LangPie Sedric Hung, –  This is an ambitious task and we are well aware that only a high-quality product can turn from local to global. Our platform is a modern and efficient solution, which also ensures the constant work of translators»

Join to Pre-ICO Langpie now and get +50% Tokens bonus.

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