CoinZentral Announces the Launch of Exchange and Coinz Tokens

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The digital community CoinZentral officially launched a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, aiming to create a community serving beginners to experts. Giving customers the ability to create, invest or trade their own as well as the more common digital assets.

The intent of the launch of CoinZentral is to create a marketplace which allows a digital community to invest, use or create decentralized digital assets. Offering customers an alternative to centralized traditional fiat currencies. Users can own their digital economy. Users will be allowed to have their own ERC20 token created and listed on CoinZentral platform to trade against Bitcoin and Altcoin, at a very affordable cost. “It can help building liquidity on the platform, ensuring the platform is capitalized to run. With CNZ, power belongs to customers, not any government, and lower the barriers to welcome anyone that wishes to join the game. Anyone can be an investor.” said Takuya Hashiyada, the major investor in CoinZentral.

CoinZentral is offering its extensive digital currency support on several altcoins. And its service offered worldwide. According to the white paper of CoinZentral, “CNZ is designed to give the power of the economy back into your hands instead of having to be dictated by what governments want for you. Users are now the one to determine the value and usability of the assets. The maximum number of Coinz that will be in circulation is limited to not exceed 50,000,000 CNZ.” By having a finite number of CNZ in circulation, CoinZentral aims to make CNZ deflationary, giving people an alternative to a store of wealth.

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The full version of CoinZentral platform will be released this April 2018. Use of the platform’s currency, Coinz, will be also listed on CoinZentral exchange. Those interested in purchasing Coinz are encouraged to visit the exchange site or join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and Medium.