Coinye -I’m sorry- Kanye West Is Suing Dogecoin (The Person), Amazon, And Coinye Exchanges And Developers

January 15, 2014 01:18 UTC

I can’t make this stuff up!

Read the Scribd filing by Pryor Cashman LLP, Kanye’s litigation experts of choice.

Always abreast of the newest developments in the Cryptocoin world, CryptoCoinsNews first reported on Coinye on January 2nd, 2014.  Shortly thereafter, legal action was taken by Kanye West and his associates at Pryor Cashman LLP, and on January 6th, 2014 CCN reported that the original domain names (which I will refrain from mentioning to avoid the ire of Kanye) as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts had been deleted or altered to redirect to, an Indian website.  It was later confirmed that Kanye West had filed a cease and desist letter to the anonymous makers of Coinye West, forcing a supposedly protected re-branding to Coinye Coin.

As a follow up, Kanye has carried through on his promise to prosecute digital currency exchanges that choose to list Coinye.  The listed Coinye exchanges that are facing litigation are 0daycoins and CoinyeExchange.  Larger cryptocoin exchanges such as Cryptsy and BTC-e have so far steered away from this crossfire.
Kanye is suing Amazon Inc, because they provide hosting services to many of the Coinye branded websites that are currently hosting pools, information, and other nonviolent materials.

Pryor Cashman LLP, through their extensive internet snooping has also published a synopsis on Bitcoin for the judge to be familiarized with their case.  Kanye is also targetting two individuals that have participated in Coinye related businesses, such as CoinyeCasino.  The ‘Johnny Bravo’ referred to in the lawsuit is a developer that worked with CoinyeCasino, which already has an alternate domain set aside in case their .com gets taken down.

Likewise, the ‘Dogecoin’ mentioned in the lawsuit is a person that goes by the name of Dogecoin, not the actual decentralize conglomeration of nodes, diggers, shibes, and mutts that constitute Dogecoin.  ‘Dogecoin’ is accused of “cybersquatting” on several dozen coinye related domain names.

Here are things to watch for (In Order):

  • Amazon cutting service to coinye websites hosted on their servers.
  • Incorrect headlines stating that Kanye is suing Dogecoin the memecoin.
  • Coinye websites having their .com privileges removed.
  • Coinye Exchanges disappearing.
  • Coinye Exchanges reappearing on Tor.
  • Hopefully, a judge throwing out the case.
  • Coinye Exchanges reappearing on the Clear Web.

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