CoinUpVote, an Aggregator and Discussion Website for the Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

September 27, 2016

Stumbled upon an ingenious new cryptocurrency? Perhaps you’re the developer of your own altcoin, looking for others to take notice? Or you’re simply looking to share an interesting and undiscovered article with the cryptocurrency crowd. CoinUpVote is the community for you!

With its launch today, CoinUpVote is looking to fill the void in the cryptocurrency community with a platform that welcomes discussion of all crypto coins, regardless of standing, stature and spread.

A social news aggregator in the mold of Reddit, CoinUpVote does not discriminate between Bitcoin and Ethereum or Litecoin and Dogecoin or the lesser-known currencies like VertCoin or Mintcoin.

The platform enables you to rate and determine every entry’s position on the website while encouraging discussion of every submitted entry.

The most popular stories, including those at the top of the trending list, stand a good chance to be featured on CCN!

We’d love to hear feedback  – we’re still new! – in the comments below and would greatly appreciate your participation in what we hope becomes a friendly platform and community for the cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Last modified (UTC): September 28, 2016 00:43