CoinMetro Begins to Pave the Way for a Trusting Blockchain Future through Regulation

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General public fears over the legitimacy of cryptocurrency are proving to be a stifling the growth of the industry, though it’s not just the public that is the issue; regulatory bodies, financial institutions and governments are reacting with perhaps even more cynicism than that of the public.

Failure to Comply

This is a massive wall that if not overcome could prove dire for the crypto industry at large; whilst all of the excellent technologies to emerge out of this provocative new industry are fantastic innovations and are still in their infantile stages, very few are actually promoting Blockchain business and culture into the public and private spheres.

Presently, Blockchain platforms the world-over are being bound in red tape and shut-down because they fail to make a convincing argument that their platforms or products meet up to the necessary legal and regulatory standards.

Forming lasting relationships that aid in bringing crypto out of the dark and into a state of mass-adoption will prove to be a much need remedy to the issue. CoinMetro, a Blockchain exchange platform is setting out to achieve an authentic state of recognition from public, private and political spheres in order to have its astounding platform adopted at mass.

Ready for the World

CoinMetro is a platform that brings traditional financial solutions to the cryptocurrency market, and then some. They are of the fact that should they wish to be welcomed by the ‘holy-trinity’ of modern society, then they need to build strong relationships with financial institutions, governments and regulatory bodies.

“…essentially we need regulation, but we need a regulatory framework that helps us retain the innovative spirit of the space while helping us to protect the consumer and open doors to the traditional financial institutions, like banks, which will be a huge push toward mass adoption. The one caveat is that the industry needs to be a part of that framework or we risk getting regulated out of the very industry we helped create.” – Kevin Murcko, CoinMetro CEO

Once the CoinMetro exchange has been launched, they are going to be in hot pursuit of becoming a registered eMoney institution and also bring multiple licenses to operate within multiple jurisdictions. It’s a move that will take them into the regulatory environments that they need to work with, reducing the cynical scepticism from powerful institutions that can hold back the Blockchain industry as a whole.

Next-Generation Tools

CoinMetro has some rather spectacular features that bind crypto and fiat currency services, they come together in a place with versatile tools for users and investors to utilise their cryptocurrency in a number of ways. Here are some notable examples:

Their Multi-Currency Wallets (for both crypto and fiat) and Debit Cards will allow for a sovereign spending experience, Atomic Swapping furthers this and is a feature that allows users to make one-to-one crypto exchanges without a third party, like the exchange platform, taking any commission from it.

But the platform doesn’t stop at traditional, it also comes with some rather exciting innovations such as AI-based investment, the Exchange that offers strong trading pairs for crypto forex traders and a ICO express platform to give vetted ICO’s access to secure and transparent funding rounds.

The CoinMetro Token Sale

The CoinMetro sale is currently live and ends on the 31st of March and has managed to already secure 14 Million USD in funding within weeks of its February 21st launch. 300 Million XCM tokens are available and are presently priced at the rate of 1 XCM = $0.15 and at there is a 25% token bonus currently in place.

Head to CoinMetro’s website to find out more: