Coinlancer Aims to Unite All Freelancers Under One Banner of Fairness


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Freelancing is tough work. There’s a lot to consider on every job, and most freelance creators know that they run a number of risks. There’s a constant risk of unhappy clients, overwork or starvation, and being scammed for free work. And when all is said and done, they have to pay up to 20 percent of their fee to a greedy centralized platform.

Painful fees

Most freelancing platforms these days require some really high fees for freelancer work. Some, to be sure, allow freelancers to work themselves into better positions with clients. But invariably, new clients are subject to the worst level of fee possible – generally 20 percent of the job price, off the top, before the freelancer pays taxes, etc. The freelancing system is desperate for change.

Coinlancer understands the pain that freelancers face and has created a platform where all jobs pay only a one time 3 percent fee. The company is a decentralized Blockchain technology system, and doesn’t require massive fees like their competition in the centralized world (like Upwork). Instead, the centralized hub has been outsourced to mathematical protocols on Blockchain.

Account confusion

More than the painful fee structures, politics on traditional systems can cause endless headaches and concern for most users.  Freelancer rankings policies are built around complex algorithms to determine the freelancers that will be ranked at the top, which can often result in frustration for others who do not meet the standard or are demoted for unknown reasons. Employers are also left without a real picture of the success of a freelancer.

In contrast, the Coinlancer platform empowers fellow freelancers to decide rankings using the ‘Freelancer Tribunal’, a user-populated governance panel for observing and ruling on violations. Freelancers are able to decide the rules that are best for everyone and not just serving the hub.

Further, conflicts are no longer arbitrated using confusing company policies which and can sometimes include ridiculous internal arbitration payments. The Coinlancer platform allows the Freelancer Tribunal to decide in all these disagreements fairly.

A better way to pay

Freelancers live in constant fear of being ripped off by clients. Because traditional platforms allow for certain levels of fraudulent accounts, payments, and escrowed agreements, freelancers are forced to seek different methods for controlling their cash flow.  

However, the Coinlancer platform forces payments to be escrowed up front using Coinlancer tokens. This protects freelancers so that fraudulent jobs cannot occur. The few disputes that may arise can be managed by the Freelancer Tribunal, who makes binding decisions, and can divide funds for fairness.

As the Coinlancer system scales up, demand for and trading of Coinlancer tokens will grow as well. Freelancers and clients who own tokens will make money on that platform growth through their tokens. This means that working on Coinlancer will become a dual investment.

Stick together

The Coinlancer platform will unite freelancers and employers together to create a space for freelancing where clients and freelancers are treated fairly and where payments are safe and protected.

Joining the Coinlancer ICO to buy Coinlancer tokens is simple – just visit the site and follow the instructions. The pre sale began on October 4, and the token launch will start on October 14 and end November 15. A network of angel investors has already funded the company with $5 mln, as pre-ICO funding, indicating the market potential of this growing company.