fundin-squareDanish company Coinify received a multi-million investment by SEED Capital, the largest early stage technology oriented venture fund in Denmark, and plans to become Europe’s leading player in the digital currency market.

According to their website, Coinify “makes it simple for anyone to become a part of the ever-growing Bitcoin ecosystem.” They offer merchant accounts to accept Bitcoin payments and trading accounts to buy and sell Bitcoin (think of Bitpay and Bitstamp rolled into one).


“With the investment and acquisitions, Coinify is now positioned to bring the empowering potential of Bitcoin to all of the 500 million individuals in Europe,”

says Coinify CEO Hans Henrik Heming.

“The internet protocol revolutionised the way we communicate, and the Bitcoin protocol can revolutionise the way we transfer unique digital assets from one internet user to another. Potentially all transactions could in the future be done in virtual currencies,”

says Richard Breiter, investment manager at Seed Capital.

“That is a development we have to be a part of, and at SEED Capital we are comfortable being at the forefront of technological development.”

Venture capital funding follows Coinify’s acquisition of Bitcoin Nordic, one of the first and largest European digital currency brokers. Coinify also purchased the intellectual property and all merchant relationships of Bitcoin Internet Payment System, a Danish company that develops payment gateways. Kris Henriksen, founder of Bitcoin Internet Payment System, said the company will now focus on technological innovations.

Images from Coinify, Shutterstock.