Coinffeine Offers a Technical Preview Version of its P2P Bitcoin Exchange

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4 years ago

Spanish Bitcoin company Coinffeine made Bitcoin history when the Spanish startup received investment from the Spanish bank Bankinter through the bank’s venture capital arm, making it one of the world’s first banks to invest  in the novel cryptocurrency ecosystem. Since then, Coinffeine has continued its development work. In December 2014, it unveiled its future P2P Bitcoin Exchange.

Coinffeine has now launched the Technical Preview version of its P2P Bitcoin exchange, which will enable users to experience automatic and secure exchanges similar to that offered by traditional exchanges, but with the added advantages of P2P.

With this version, Coinffeine aims to enable independent users and banks to test drive the application in an early stage of development, as well as integrate it into their services and operate as Bitcoin exchanges.

The Technical Preview will be available on Testnet or test block chain. Coinffeine intends to combine the concept of a wallet and exchange all in the same products.


“From today the Bitcoin community can try Coinffeine, the first P2P Bitcoin exchange without arbitrators,” said Alberto Gómez Toribio, CEO of Coinffeine.

“This is the same version that we are offering to our bank partners and customers. Users will have to wait a little longer to use it with real bitcoins, but we are sure the wait will be worthwhile. We hope to transform Coinffeine’s relationships with banks and payment processors into services that give them added value.”

To test the platform, users just have to download it from the Coinffeine website. There is no need to register or provide identification for the application. The process entails installing it for Windows, Mac and Linux.

“Few Bitcoin products invest sufficient resources in design and usability. Our team continues to grow, and we have recently added an expert in this field to our team. He has been in charge of the transformation of Coinffeine’s user experience, and the result is something completely new,” said Gómez.

Coinffeine aims to join the concept of a wallet and exchange into one service

“Coinffeine is a desktop wallet like Armory or Electrum with which you control your money safely,” explained Gómez.  “This allows the company to avoid disclosing MSB, because we do not touch the money or the bitcoins from our users.  We have learned much from the P2P industry and we want to apply many of these concepts to the FinTech ecosystem.”

Coinffeine offers a sleek and simple user interface for checking balances:

As well as clean transactional screens:

And their order book:


Have you used Coinffeine’s P2P platform? If so, what did you think? Comment below!

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