Coined: the Bitcoin Documentary, Is Coming to a Theater Near You

June 17, 2014 06:46 UTC
Coined, a new documentary funded through Kickstarter, will tell the personal stories behind cryptocurrency’s rise.

In recent weeks, Bitcoin has forged into new markets as DISH Network and Expedia have announced plans to accept Bitcoin. Soon, cryptocurrency will make a foray into yet another new field: cinema.


Coined: the Cryptocurrency Documentary, Is Coming to a Theater Near You

[dropcap size=small]C[/dropcap]oined, the first full-length feature cryptocurrency documentary to achieve a theatrical release, will profile the stories that made the technological revolution behind Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies possible. Filmmakers Adam Cornelius and Chris Higgins are manning the project. Cornelius’ Tetris documentary,  Ecstacy of Order, has won several film festival awards. Higgins is a professional photographer and author; his work is regularly featured in This American Life and The Atlantic.

You might think that a documentary on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would primarily emphasize either the impressive technical aspects of cryptocurrency or its numerous implications for the global economy. While those things are important, they can also be very boring, as Conan O’brien’s famous Bitcoin skit demonstrated. In an effort to avoid producing a boring movie that will not appeal to people outside of the cryptocurrency community, Cornelius and Higgins decided to go a different route.

[W]e’re focused on the personal stories of the people directly involved in creating cryptocurrencies and building the communities that surround them. The media usually focuses on fear-mongering (“Bitcoin was used to launder money!”) or hype (“this changes everything!”). We’re cutting through the noise to tell more personal stories, which are just as fascinating.

Still Photo of Coined’s interview with Billy Markus, creator of Dogecoin

Coined Documentary to Focus on Bitcoin, Dogecoin, other Altcoins

Coined primarily focuses on cryptocurrency heavyweights such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. However, the Coined team plans to profile a number of altcoins, including Darkcoin, Ripple, Vertcoin, and even RonPaulCoin. The Coined producers have already begun the filming process. Through crowdfunding, Higgins and Cornelius raised more than 3.5 million DOGE to fund a trip the May 4 NASCAR race at Talladega so that they could film the race and interview Dogecar driver Josh Wise. Additionally, they attended Dogeparty 2014 and have released a rough cut of what they shot during the event. In addition to their exclusive interview with Josh Wise, Chris Higgins and Adam Cornelius have accumulated a number of interviews that are sure to interest the cryptcourrency community. Existing footage includes:

    • First-ever on-camera interviews with Dogecoin creator Billy Markus
    • Interviews with Josh Mohland, creator of the Dogecoin tipbot
    • Interviews with cryptocurrency activists, economists, and business owners who accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin

Coined Kickstarter Campaign

Though they have already begun the filming process, Coined hopes to raise at least $72,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to help pay travel, filming, legal, and marketing expenses. Alternatively, you can contribute to the film in true Coined fashion by directly donating Dogecoin to the filmmakers. However, if you do choose to donate via Kickstarter you can acquire some great perks, including:

    • $10 donation: DRM-free digital download of the film
    • $40 donation: Coined DVD and bonus download of Adam Cornelius’ award-winning documentary “Ecstacy of Order: the Tetrist Masters)
    • $1,000 donation: Associate Producer credit in the film, soundtrack CD, DVD, and digital download of film.

Cornelius and Higgins anticipate that they will feature Coined in film festivals and that the documentary will eventually get a theatrical release. A theatrical release would give cryptocurrency significant exposure, and the filmmakers have wisely chosen to focus on the personal stories surrounding cryptocurrency rather than just the technical features and economic implications. Hopefully, this decision will enable Coined to appeal to both cryptocurrency veterans and newcomers alike.

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