Unveils New Cryptocurrency Signal Dashboard Designed to Track and Analyze Signals

July 11, 2018 15:42 UTC
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July 11, 2018 – Investors who want comprehensive access to real-time news, updates, analysis and trends on the cryptocurrency market now have a new solution to provide expert guidance: Coincalls.

Advanced software solution that provides users with a dashboard that tracks and analyzes cryptocurrency signals from 23 different paid signal groups, Coincalls also monitors search volume spikes of the top 300 cryptocurrencies in Coinmarketcap. The state-of-the-art dashboard displays signals that remain valid, those that became invalid after their price reached the stop-loss point, the current profit and/or loss of valid signals and the number of take profit levels that have been achieved for valid signals.

Premium features of the software and the mastermind include:

  • Broadcasts – These brief updates cover topics ranging from coin hold recommendations and industry news to general membership information.
  • BTC Weather Updates – The purpose of these updates is to keep users updated regularly on Bitcoin price fluctuations.
  • Portfolio Builder – This portfolio updates users on the list of coins Coincalls actively holds in its portfolio and provides reasons for their value.
  • Airdrop Alerts – This feature lets users claim their free tokens in only two to five minutes once they receive the alert.
  • ICO Audits – These updates offer suggestions on which projects are recommended for investment and a high return on investment (ROI).
  • Search Volume Spikes – Users are alerted in the Coincalls dashboard each time there is a spike in search volume.

A key feature of Coincalls is the company’s team of award-winning technical analysts. They have a combined experience of more than 70 years analyzing signal charts and are able to generate solid and reliable signals for users based on strong technical and fundamental analysis.

“Our solution provides in-depth technical analysis of every signal that appears in our software,” explained Aravindh Sridhar, CEO of “Plus, having such information in a single platform gives users access to inclusive information in a cost-effective method. Instead of paying more than $12,000 to join the 23 different paid signal groups we monitor and approximately $3,670 per month for membership to them, users can utilize our solution for a single, affordable fee.”

About Coincalls

Developed as a solution to address the challenges of inconvenience and frustration in tracking signals from multiple crypto signal groups, Conincalls provides profitable cryptocurrency trading signals that enable users to making informed market decisions. The company is staffed by an elite team of analysts who generate solid reliable signals for users based on strong technical and fundamental analysis. Coincalls’ unique software tracks and analyzes cryptocurrency signals from 23 different paid signal groups and allows users to make educated investments in signals with the highest chance of success. For more information, visit

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