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new layoutAfter Circle opened to the public, the topic on everyone’s mind was how simple it looked to use. With the process of acquiring and sending Bitcoin being highly complex and confusing, Circle found a way to make everything look clean, smooth and user-friendly. In response, Coinbase unveiled their new look and interface featuring a more simplified version of their more-established Bitcoin business.

On their official blog, Coinbase said:

“We recently rolled out an update to our merchant tools, which are used by over 36,000 businesses to accept bitcoin payments. Our new payment pages are simpler to use, nicer to look at, and more customizable.”

Coinbase BitcoinTheir design features simple, two-click payments, a buyback feature and a responsive layout. For instance: any user can buy Reddit gold instantly with bitcoins through Coinbase on their laptop or phone without having to go through the normal process of sending bitcoins on a bulky interface.

An even better perk is the new cover images that personalize merchants Coinbase checkout page.

“Our new design allows for the addition of a cover image — a large, beautiful graphic to brand the payment page as your own.”

Coinbase Bitcoin ExpediaThe new layout shows that using bitcoin can be simplified down even further to appeal to non-technical, casual and developer-level people all in the same interface. Coinbase’s new interface is simple to use, and promises what they claim. The more personal flair to the merchant checkout page is something that could snag Coinbase a few more partnerships even beyond their new one with PayPal.

Circle has been in beta testing for months, and all anyone ever heard from beta testers was how beautiful it looked. Users of Coinbase thought they were at the pinnacle of design prior, but when Circle unveiled their service people were shocked at the perceived difference in quality. With this answer to the call of simplified user-interface, Coinbase looks to be showing their chops.

Problems With Circle VISA Purchases

Already, a few problems have begun to spring up with Circle. Yesterday CCN reported that Circle would allow users to purchase bitcoins with prepaid VISA gift cards as per their information to us. Since publishing, users on Reddit have reported not being able finish the purchase as we were told. It seems either not all VISA gift cards are processable.

After one person’s U.S. Bank VISA gift card was rejected, another person did get their VISA gift card to work though, explaining their experience as such:

“I had a $20 VISA card as a rebate from Corsair. It worked without a hitch (but with a 2.9% fee), and I was able to transfer the bitcoins to my personal wallet near-instantly.”

VISA gift card purchases are something that could open up a plethora of opportunities to users who don’t want to link their personal bank accounts or credit cards to Circle or Coinbase. Both of these companies run on a similar business models in terms of buying and selling bitcoins, opening up the opportunity to incorporate this feature into either platform. While they both focus on the look of their tools for users and merchants, they may also consider opening up options to the public as best they can.

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