Coinbase Hires Prominent Facebook and Amazon Employees

Neil Sardesai @@neilsardesai
March 21, 2014
Coinbase just recently hired prominent Facebook and Amazon execs.

Popular bitcoin wallet and payment processor Coinbase just made two prominent additions to its team. Facebook’s director of security incident response — Ryan McGeehan, and Amazon’s director of business development & sales — Todd Edebohls, will be leaving their jobs soon to work for Coinbase. When asked to comment about the new hires, Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of the bitcoin startup, told Techcrunch that “The industry is continuing to evolve,” and “We’re attracting very, very top talent from prior rocketships that were successful.” The company also stated that “These hires represent Coinbase growth, momentum and commitment to security.”


Given the recent bitcoin heists, it’s no surprise that Coinbase would want to take a stronger approach to customer security. Blockchain’s Andreas Antonopoulos recently visited the San Francisco-based company and stated,

“Based on what I observed during my visit and my experience in security, it appears that the Coinbase system contains the expected funds and their cold storage system and process appear to be operating according to security best practices.”

However, McGeehan’s new role at the company should further strengthen and exemplify Coinbase’s commitment to protecting its users.

Merchant Solutions

Coinbase isn’t just an online bitcoin wallet. The company also makes it easy to accept and process bitcoin payments with its merchant tools. Humble Bundle, Mint, Glyde, and others are already using Coinbase’s merchant services, and with Amazon’s business director Todd Edebohls on the team, Coinbase could see many new merchants soon, perhaps even Amazon.

Looking Towards the Future

Coinbase is no stranger to prominent team members. The company currently employs the creator of Litecoin as well as key members of Google, OkCupid, and Airbnb. With such hiring practices, it’s clear that Coinbase is looking to continuously expand its services and success.

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