Coin Academy Collaborates with the College Cryptocurrency Network

October 14, 2014

CoinAcademy, a content provider in cryptocurrency education, has partnered with the College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN). The partnership is expected to bring cryptocurrency education to college campuses across the United States.

Under the arrangement, Coin Academy will provide their original digital currency courses to participating students and institutions in the College Cryptocurrency Network. The director of the College Cryptocurrency Network said that he was “delighted” to be working with Coin Academy in fulfilling the goal of enabling blockchain and cryptocurrency education. He further described the partnership as creating an academic synergy for the masses.

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Current Coin Academy courses cover bitcoin ownership, bitcoin as a merchant solution and a history of the digital currency movement. Ric Shreves, a Coin Academy co-founder said that they were developing additional courses and would be sourcing for input from the CCN on courses that would serve the needs of their students. He added that it was the goal of the Coin Academy to produce the best digital currency educational content available. Currently, Coin Academy teams are working on integrating their content with the CCN website, and they expected to be done in the next few weeks.

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Interview With Coin Academy Co-Founder

Coin Academy partners with College Cryptocurrency Network

This writer was able to interview Coin Academy co-founder Stephen DeMeulenaere on the partnership and here is what he had to say

Tell us a bit more about the collaboration between Coin Academy and the College Cryptocurrency Network. When was the partnership signed and for what duration?

We signed the partnership to be valid from October 1, 2014, with an open end date.

How many campuses in the US are currently participating?

The College Cryptocurrency Network representatives would be able to answer that question more accurately.

How many students are participating?

The College Cryptocurrency Network representatives would be able to answer that question more accurately.

Do the students earn credits for the courses provided?

No, this is an extra-curricular activity. However, some Universities are offering courses in Bitcoin that can earn credit. Our partnership is not only about educating students about Bitcoin, but all Digital Currencies and the concepts behind them.

Do you provide certification for the coursework?

No, certification requires a special test which presently is offered by the Crytocurrency Certification Consortium (C4).

Are you in any way affiliated to other cryptocurrency certification organizations such as DCCC and the C4?

We are not affiliated with either as it would be a conflict of interest to have a direct relationship between a training provider and certification body. However, yes, we have talked with both organizations directly with the intention of providing courses to prepare students for certification exams.

What are the requirements for university or educational institutions wishing to collaborate with you?

The College Cryptocurrency Network sets the requirements, which are at present to log in only with a .edu email address.

What are your plans on spreading cryptocurrency education around the world?

Coin Academy believes it would be great if Universities would come together to develop an open source curriculum on Digital Currencies which could be freely shared with any University in the world that would like to offer courses in Digital Currencies. We will be speaking to a number of Universities that already have prepared curriculum and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Digital Currencies, such as at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus. We think the College Cryptocurrency Network feels the same way, but you should receive confirmation from them about this.

Indeed, the College Cryptocurrency Network does feel the same way. Daniel Bloch, a CCN representative, told this writer that they have over 1,000 students around the world who would be participating in the partnership. They were also planning a number of events in 12 cities around the world including Philadelphia, Georgia Tech, Berkeley, Los Angelos, Miami, Boulder, Purdue, Austin, Detroit, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Melbourne and Sydney.

The events would include hackathons, conferences and online videos. The collaboration also includes over 30 university professors in different subject disciplines including law, accounting, security and development.

About the two organizations

The College Cryptocurrency Network is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to forming a robust network of college clubs for cryptocurrency education, mining, trading and startups. The CCN helps budding, and yet-to-be-formed college organizations build a presence on their campuses, receive administrative recognition and funding and provide educational and professional resources.

Coin Academy is dedicated digital currency education site. It covers various coins including bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, NXTcoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and many more. Their goal is to make coin education easily available. To this end they have made enrollment free of charge.

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