Jose Pagliery at The Bitcoin Center in NYC Calvin Tran interview screenshotAlthough Bitcoin is only a few years old, enough has happened with it that one could write a whole textbook and then some. However, it’s difficult to write one, because everything is changing constantly. CNN Money’s Jose Pagliery wrote a book on Bitcoin, and it certainly seems thorough. The book’s called Bitcoin and the Future of Money.

Pagliery gave a speech a few days ago at The Bitcoin Center in New York City about his experiences writing his new book. He covered many interesting topics. In this article we’ll also delve into what the book itself covers.


Talk at Bitcoin Center

Pagliery had a lot to speak about at The Bitcoin Center. CCN writer Calvin Tran was present. Pagliery talked about his book, his research for it, and read an excerpt from the book. Tran recorded part of his speech; the audio files (in two parts) are below.

Pagliery, a white male, standing on a stage next to a sign saying 'Bitcoin center new york city'
Pagliery speaking about his new book at The Bitcoin Center in New York City

Tran also interviewed Pagliery about his new book. Here are some excerpts from what Pagliery said:

Money’s always been there right alongside us, and it’s always been evolving like a technology alongside us… Money’s always evolved with us, and yet in the last twenty or thirty years we’ve embraced the digital age and money has lagged behind, and so Bitcoin might sound nuts right now, but ten or fifteen years from now… when we realize that everything we do is digital, we’re going to need money that’s digital as well.

My big advice to fellow reporters… is don’t make quick judgements. There’s a lot of potential here [in Bitcoin] and we haven’t yet figured all that out.

I went through a transition where I first heard about Bitcoin through the fall of Silk Road, but that quickly graduated to a deeper understanding of what it [Bitcoin] is and how it could be used in the future.

Information About the Book “Bitcoin and the Future of Money”

Here’s an overview of the book from the publisher, Triumph Books:

“The digital currency founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 challenges everything we’ve come to accept about money, financial institutions, and even government. The currency is anonymous and can be traded internationally – without the fees, government regulation, and oversight by banks and government-backed securities. But Bitcoin is not without risk – the currency’s value has fluctuated wildly since inception, and $400 million suddenly disappeared overnight with the fall of Mt. Gox. Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know About the Digital Currency Revolution provides a detailed look at the impact and future implications of digital currency.’s Jose Pagliery details digital currency’s origins, how the system works, and how Bitcoin is used today. The book also examines the economic impact of a digital, global currency, including perspectives from free market proponents such as Ron Paul to federal regulators who defend the need for central banks. Pagliery also explores the dark side of Bitcoin, including interviews with the FBI and a Bitcoin entrepreneur currently in federal prison. Bitcoin is essential reading for anyone looking to understand a financial innovation that will forever change how we think about money.”

The book can either be bought using a credit card through the normal checkout system on, or it can be bought with Bitcoin through payment processor BitPay.

I can imagine some difficulty writing this book. Think about how often Bitcoin changes – if a year ago he were to write a sentence about a law by the US government on Bitcoin, he’d probably have to edit it ten times over the year to keep it accurate. Since Bitcoin is so young and unstable, the contents of the book must change constantly.

The book seems exciting. Here are some specific details:

Just thinking about a 256-page book focused on Bitcoin from cover to cover makes me want to devour it. Fortunately, I’ll be receiving a copy of the book shortly, so I can read it and post a review on CCN. Look out for it!

About Jose Pagliery

Pagliery is also a cybersecurity reporter for CNNMoney. He writes articles on digital currencies such as Bitcoin, but also articles on other topics like hacking.

Images and audio files, and the interview video, by CCN.