ClinicAll: Incredible Opportunities for the Healthcare Sector

“Achieving universal health coverage (UHC) means ensuring that all people receive the essential health services they need without being exposed to financial hardship as a result. Such services include public health services to promote health and prevent illness, and to provide treatment,  rehabilitation and palliative care of sufficient quality to be effective.” World Health Statistics 2018 report from WHO.

The Need for Technological Involvement

Today’s world population is estimated at around 7.6 billion people. A study by Lancet in 2015 showed more than 95% of that number suffer from different kinds of illnesses. Moreover, a third of them (about 2.3 billion people) have more than 5 diagnoses. To make things worse, WHO reports every fourth person is affected by mental illness or neurological disorders. Depressive disorders are listed fourth in the most widespread conditions plaguing modern society. And like a ‘cherry on top,’ the huge problem of healthcare data interoperability makes it clear healthcare needs innovation and technology to sort out the mess we’ve caught ourselves in.

Technology has been helping the industry for a long time now but its scope of application has been mostly pharmacy and medical equipment, which is certainly great, but unfortunately, not enough anymore.

The modern generation is technologically savvy, but IT addicted along with it. The more time we spend online, the more functional tools and services we need in reality. This paradox has taken its toll on us, causing severe depression as a widespread condition around the globe. It would not be an exaggeration to call it an illness of millennials. To deal with it, healthcare needs to overstep outdated practices in all areas of healthcare.

That is why the new ClinicAll mobile application comes as a comfortable and contemporary solution to our issues. It even seems like persuading patients is not needed as according to the information from the Federation of German Consumer Organizations dating back to 2016, 75% of patients support the digitization of health data, and 54% of patients prefer their health records be kept in an electronic database. With the course chosen by the vast majority, ClinicAll is happy to proceed.

ClinicAll: The Patient is the Primary Beneficiary

ClinicAll is happy to lend a hand in this noble cause, providing numerous opportunities and services raising healthcare to a new level. After a decade of development of software and hardware solutions for hospitals and bedside patients, ClinicAll International Corporation is ready to embrace the new possibilities innovative technologies bring. The company has developed the mobile app that serves as a key to the future ClinicAll ecosystem. The participants of this ecosystem will be patients and their families, hospitals, private clinics, rehab centers, pharmacies, along with any other companies or individuals ready to provide required services or products to the rest of ClinicAll community.  By being a community member, a patient can benefit from the cooperation with pharmacies and private care centers, as well as with other member-companies. Furthermore, the app gives access to the ClinicAll software and thereby will be also usable by patients in clinics equipped with ClinicAll products.

Previously, patients or their families took trouble ensuring adequate treatment and recreation for themselves or their loved ones. Choosing the best and yet affordable medicines alone could make people go around the city in search of a proper solution. You’re lucky if you have someone to take such pains for you. ClinicAll will take care of this problem once and for all. In cooperation with many pharmacies, patients will be not only knowing what and where they can buy, but they can also be eligible for special offers saving money, yet providing the best treatment.

Some would say hospital conditions cannot make a difference to the patient’s state, however, numerous studies of the placebo effect prove people who have faith in their treatment recover sooner and report fewer symptoms in just a few weeks of taking ‘fake’ pills. This proves a positive attitude indeed helps people get better. One should never underestimate the importance of comfort and convenience dealing with a disease. With this in mind, ClinicAll is ready to make a hospital feel like home. It enables different kinds of services like additional food and beverages from clinic snack shops or delivery from your favourite restaurant (if it does not contradict your prescription, of course), hairdressers and other personal care services, TV, internet, phone at discounted rates, and many more. Automatic patient check-in and check-out will save additional time for hospital staff for more important and vital duties. The wider the platform expands, the more services and opportunities people can enjoy.

Apart from providing comfort, ClinicAll supports patients recovering from different sorts of psychological or physical trauma. Optional rehab and care treatments can speed up the recovery mechanisms allowing patients to go home much sooner. Family and friends can also benefit from using the application since it supports additional services like taxis, hotels and restaurant ordering.

Hospital’s Gain

The annual global growth of the digital healthcare market equals 21%. This means this figure is expected to go up to $233 billion per year (according to papers by Roland Berger and Arthur D. Little).  At the same time, the global healthcare industry growth implies difficulties in data management, administration, and logistics. Moreover, regulatory mandates as eHealth pose real challenges both in deadlines and actual task complexity. Modern equipment and technology require significant funding many hospitals cannot support.

ClinicAll has been dealing with these problems from the time of their emergence in 2008. Their software has already been successfully integrated in many hospitals ensuring both compliances with the regulatory base and sufficient profit increase following the introduction of supplementary hospital services.   

The concluding thought is not new: Every cloud has a silver lining. Modern technologies can be considered a necessary evil, causing a troublesome adaptation period, additional funds and considerable time, but at the same time saving lives, giving comfort and security, and sometimes making a hospital room feel like home. The ClinicAll ecosystem serves as a bridge to this new healthcare world and if you wish to join us on the journey to the bright future we just might have it sooner.

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