dentist-squareA dentist looking to drum up new business after a lengthy few months of waiting for customers to pay in Bitcoin has decided to announce his services on Reddit. In his marketing attempt, he reported his transaction in two posts on the same account. On one post he claims to be the merchant and in the other (now deleted), he claims to be the customer.

That rather amusing marketing endeavor hasn’t gone unnoticed as many people on Reddit and Imgur are discussing how he staged the whole thing. Either way, he made headlines.

Bitcoin Dentist’s Amusing Marketing Adventure

The Bitcoin Dentist is from the Irvine California area and works for Lee Dental Group in Garden Grove, CA, only a short 21-minute jaunt away according to Google Maps. It’s not every day that the medical industry decides to start accepting Bitcoin. The good doctor himself even asserts, “dentists are probably the first group in healthcare to test [the Bitcoin] payment system.” The Bitcoin Dentist is helping the Bitcoin community grow in a whole new industry.

The doctor is helping to grow the Bitcoin market, though the promotional campaign was staged just like any commercial on television. QnickQnick‘s comment that “The smiley face next to “dental work” is what makes it seem so over the top staged,” and the fact that the pictures are professionally photographed, indicate that this is a promotional endeavor, though the Bitcoin doctor states that his client posted the pictures:

“I was pretty pumped about completing a bitcoin transaction. I never thought anybody would ever use it as a payment method. Which is why we wanted to document the whole thing and share it online.

The whole thing was pretty straightforward. He had a coinbase account and wanted to pay using coin rather than traditional visa/mastercard. The transaction fees are cheaper so why not?

I’m a big fan of btc and what it potentially stands for, which is why I agreed to accept it. I could have easily just have taken cash in USD, but if given the opportunity- why not support a new more honest system?”


What do you think about the Bitcoin Dentist promoting his services in this way? Do you find it to be a clever new marketing scheme or something different? Leave a comment below and express your thoughts.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with the Bitcoin Dentist or Lee Dental Group in any way.

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