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Chrissy Teigen Has Officially Become a Tone-Deaf Jedi

Chrissy Teigen tells the world about the time she accidentally bought a $13k bottle of wine as many people are struggling for rent money.

  • Chrissy Teigen just tweeted that she accidentally purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine.
  • Twitter is beside itself at the humblebrag.
  • This isn’t the first time Teigen has been tone-deaf on Twitter, and it won’t be the last.

Chrissy Teigen is just like the rest of us. At least that’s what she wants you to believe.

But not too many of us have accidentally purchased a $13,000 bottle of wine, as she tweeted out on Wednesday. Somehow, that wasn’t even the most annoying part of her tweet.

Chrissy Teigen Has Gon’ Fishin — For a Humblebrag

Chrissy Teigen just did that thing where she asked other people a question just so she could give her own answer. You’ve seen it played out in real life. Someone has something impressive they want to say, but they don’t want it to come off as bragging. Then they ask a leading question that allows them to slip their brag in the back door.

That’s Chrissy Teigen.

Check out her ‘question’:

Way to engage the community, Chrissy! | Source: Twitter

Immediately, she followed up with her answer:

Oh, that was a question for yourself. | Source: Twitter

That sounds like a really tough life, Chrissy. We feel terrible for you. We feel so bad that the fine folks on Twitter came out in droves to offer their condolences:

Most people were focused on Teigen’s relatability. | Source: Twitter
It must be tough. | Source: Twitter

But lucky for us, Chrissy Teigen had a rebuttal.

Teigen Doubles-Down on Being Tone-Deaf

Chrissy Teigen came to her own rescue today, probably because nobody else would. She said that “not everything” she says “is going to be relatable.” And then sarcastically said, “yes, you really nailed me.”

I wonder if she felt good about this when she sent it. | Source: Twitter

The thing is, Chrissy, when the world uniformly responds to you with a singular message, maybe you should look into it? Instead, she just defended herself and her privileged point of view.

But Chrissy has been known for oversharing for attention.

And yes, she is a millionaire, and not everything she says will be relatable. That’s 100% true.

But my goodness Chrissy read the room.

We are in a pandemic. Unemployment is still higher than before the pandemic, and experts predict that it will remain that way for a decade.

People are losing their jobs, their businesses, and their residences.

Most of us do not have a multi-million dollar nest egg to fall back on. In fact, most Americans make less than three Chrissy Teigen bottles of wine per year.

So while she is absolutely right that she’s not relatable, there is another thing called consideration. It’s important to consider who you’re sharing certain information with. You shouldn’t tell a blind person how great it feels to see. And you shouldn’t tell a struggling economy how funny it is to throw your money around.

Share your rich stories with your friends and spare us commonfolk the humblebrags, please.

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