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Chris Cuomo Details Coronavirus Struggle – And It Sounds Terrifying

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
  • Journalist Chris Cuomo recently went into detail about his battles with COVID-19.
  • His descriptions are frightening, to say the least.
  • As cases pile up in his home state of New York, other public figures are sharing their experiences with the disease.

Chris Cuomo is battling COVID-19 in his basement, but it sounds like the disease has him feeling far from home. The journalist went into chilling detail about some of the symptoms he’s experienced so far. 

Chris Cuomo Hallucinates and Chips Tooth From Shivers

“I’ve never seen anything like,” Cuomo begins. He continues:

It was like somebody was beating me with a piñata. And I was shivering so much that, Sanjay’s right, I chipped a tooth.

He said he was up all night, and that’s when he started hallucinating. His dead father started talking to him, and he was seeing people he hadn’t seen in forever. In a separate conversation, he told his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, that he saw him dancing in a ballet outfit in a dream. “It was freaky,” he said.

I’ve had a fever, we’ve all had a fever..but 102 (degrees), 103, 103-plus—that wouldn’t quit.

Cuomo’s doctor told him that if you’re drained, with fevers and aches, it’s likely COVID-19. “Flu season’s basically over. Sinus infections and all those things, basically over.” He said the symptoms come in waves.

Cuomo Isn’t the Only Public Figure Struggling With COVID-19

Several other people are battling this disease in the public eye. Comedian Michael Yo said he was in the hospital for eight days with pneumonia. He said he watched people die. His doctor immediately told him:

No matter what happens, you’re not seeing your family.

He said his comedian friends sent him coronavirus jokes.

One was so funny I spit up blood.


Rep. Ben McAdams, who tested positive for the disease almost two weeks ago, said: 

I feel like I have a belt around my chest, really tight. When I cough, my muscles are so sore so I just feel pain every time I cough, which is frequently. I feel short of breath, and I have a fever of about 102. So, it’s pretty bad.

NBA All-Star Rudy Gobert said he lost his sense of smell and taste for four days.  Luckily, some of his NBA peers have had milder symptoms. Boston Celtic Marcus Smart was reportedly feeling ‘great’  through much of his infection. Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant contracted the virus over two weeks ago. Now he’s competing in an online NBA 2K tournament  with other players.

New York Cases Continue to Pile Up

New York, where Chirs Cuomo lives, continues as the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. now has more coronavirus infections than any other country with 226,374,  at the time of this writing.

New York City alone accounts for almost 50,000 of those cases. New York state accounts for nearly half of the country’s coronavirus cases with over 90,000. Governor Cuomo fears that he only has about six days worth of ventilators left. 

Time will only tell how bad this pandemic might get, but thanks to people like Chris Cuomo, at least we can mentally prepare.