According to reddit user mkellerman:

“It seems has not been affected and is able to accept CNY deposits. I just successfully deposited 10CNY to my btc38 account using my Chinese credit card. The money appeared in my account within a minute. One bitcoin currently costs 3152CNY at btc38.”Did btc38 not get the memo? Bitcoin is well off the lows trading at $614 on BTC-e. 


It seems that there are only two Chinese exchanges NOT accepting deposits. And according to enric on there are some large exchanges still transacting in CNY:

“Also Huobi:
and also ->>>

i only have information about two exchanges not accepting: btcchina and okcoin
if you see this two have the price below other chinese exchanges

huobi is the first chinese exchange since yesterday

Would be interesting that media talks with other Chinese exchanges and not only btcchina and some times okcoin
some of them has also huge volume”

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