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Chelsea Handler’s ‘War Crimes’ Hypocrisy Is Suspiciously Trumpian

W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:04 PM
  • “Comedian” Chelsea Handler said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was guilty of “war crimes” and belongs in prison for voiding local mask mandates.
  • Handler didn’t even wear a mask for her late-March Ellen appearance, while cases and deaths mounted in L.A. County.
  • Her behavior isn’t just hypocritical – it’s reminiscent of the president she loathes so fiercely.

Chelsea Handler doesn’t live in Georgia – or even anywhere near it. She’s lived in a lavish Bel Air home for a decade. The television star and comedienne has a lot to say about George’s response to the pandemic, though.

Maybe that’s because the politically-outspoken progressive wants to take Georgia Governor Brian Kemp down a notch. Especially in an election year, only 110 days before The Most Important Election of Our Lives .”

brian kemp georgia governor mask mandate freeze order chelsea handler war crimes tweet
Chelsea Handler wants to throw Republican governors in jail for “war crimes.” | Source: Twitter 

Gov. Kemp signed an order Wednesday evening banning counties and cities from mandating masks . The measure stirred controversy and swift rebuke Thursday.

Infection totals have surged in the state, with positive tests doubling since mid-June .

Georgia’s 15 local governments with now-voided mask orders were stunned. Their criticism paled in comparison to the harsh response from Chelsea Handler.

She said Kemp’s freeze on mask mandates amounts to “war crimes.” Handler added that Kemp belongs in jail, along with the governors of Texas and Arizona.

Chelsea Handler Channels Trump Hypocrisy on Georgia Mask Ban Debate

Donald Trump’s loudest critics have written many detailed allegations of his “abject hypocrisy.”  Hypocrisy doesn’t look so good on Chelsea Handler either.

While she’s calling Kemp a war criminal for not mandating masks at the height of Georgia’s outbreak, she didn’t even volunteer to wear a mask for a crowded Burbank, California studio audience during her late-March appearance on Ellen.

That was after two weeks of a parabolic rise in virus cases in California .

The surge in deaths was worst in L.A. County, where Ellen’s studio is located. By her reasoning, maybe Chelsea Handler should be in jail for endangering others. Or maybe she doesn’t care about saving lives, and she’s just using hysterical political rhetoric to snipe at Republicans.

coronavirus cases in california covid-19 curve graph feb 1 through apr 1 2020 source los angeles times
Chelsea Handler didn’t even offer to wear a mask during her late-March appearance on Ellen, which correlated with a sharp spike in California’s outbreak. | Source: Los Angeles Times 

Handler is a vocal supporter of the Democratic Party, and she’s stridently anti-Trump. It’s ironic that her style of political combat plays right into the unseemly dialectic that Trump has used to deeply unsettle U.S. politics.

The echoes of 2016 “Lock Her Up” chants (about Hillary Clinton) are unmistakable.

Like so many of Trump’s avowed opponents, Handler is unwittingly spreading the Trump ethos. She’s just another confused acolyte of the Trump cult, though proudly sure that she’s his enemy.

The War Crimes Chelsea Would Rather You Forget

While pundits, politicians, and celebrities insist that mask coverings are not political, they sure have used the issue as a partisan bludgeon.

Two weeks ago, Gov. Kemp made this measured statement on politicizing coronavirus policy:

We don’t have time for politics right now… You know, I haven’t been critical of other governor’s orders. Whether they went too far or didn’t go far enough. Everybody’s in a tough spot. An unprecedented situation. We are doing the best we can.

Chelsea Handler is so hysterical about politics that she went to therapy after Trump won the 2016 election. In a brutally cringy appearance on “The View,” Handler compared the results to the untimely death of her own brother .

Then in 2017, she blamed Donald Trump when she had to evacuate her house because of the California wildfires . She doesn’t care about saving lives. Handler just loves the attention she gets when she stokes partisan rage.

If she actually cared about war crimes, she would have had something to say about the Obama administration’s legacy of covert drone wars , civilian deaths, extraordinary rendition, and indefinite detention. All carried out with Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

Instead, she compared Hillary’s loss to her brother dying.

When promoting her Netflix show , Chelsea once said:

I’m not afraid to express my opinion no matter how ill-informed they may be.

We should take her word for it.

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