Check Out This Absurd Death Stranding YouTube Parody

Absurdists Mega64 have conjured a parody for Death Stranding, and it’s a wonderful comedy-infused jab at the quirks of Kojima’s latest effort.
death stranding
Absurdists Mega64 have conjured a parody for Death Stranding, and it's a wonderful comedy-infused jab at the quirks of Kojima's latest effort. | Credit: Charly Triballeau/AFP
  • YouTube channel Mega64 has released a Death Stranding parody.
  • It’s ridiculous, funny, and detailed.
  • The video highlights the best and worst of Kojima’s latest creation.

The hype surrounding Death Stranding has naturally died down post-release. But, that hasn’t stopped fans from conjuring homages to Hideo Kojima’s impressive, yet divisive, effort.

Among them is a Death Stranding parody dreamed up by the ever-resourceful and absurd Mega64 YouTube channel.

The video substitutes a post-apocalyptic America for the streets, fast food joints, and supermarkets of a non-descript modern U.S. city. We see Sam Porter Bridges try his very best to complete his round of deliveries while weathering all manner of obstacles.

A Fitting Homage to Death Stranding

Those that have played Death Stranding will pick up on the many nods to the game. From chugging sweet stamina-replenishing nectar from cans of Monster Energy to the music video-like credits that pop up as you approach one of Death Stranding’s numerous stunning vistas, Mega 64 has done well.

This carries over to the details of the props. The porter suit, BB, strand, utility pouch, odradek, and the cases, yellow tap and all, seriously look the part. UI graphics and mimicked voice overs from the game are melded into the real-world. It’s all rather clever, despite the humorous undertones.

Where the parody hits the mark is in introducing the oddities of Death Stranding to an unsuspecting public, who, to our surprise, turn out to be rather helpful gathering scattered deliveries and offering directions. And this despite what appears to them a very odd gentleman living out some deranged fantasy.

They even dish out likes, just like in the game. And, Mega64 assigns the odd liberally imagined name to a handful of the encountered good Samaritans.

Death Stranding
Source: Kojima Productions

A Trip to the Beach

Inevitably, Death Stranding’s spectral BTs make an appearance, dragging our hero to the purgatorial sands of the beach. In this case, the Pacific Ocean, we presume.

Naked and covered in the same BT hand prints as Sam in-game, he implores beach-goers to shed light on what exactly is going on.

It’s a rather fitting jab at the quirks of Kojima’s latest creation and duly celebrates a game that will stick in the minds of many – for better or for worse – for years to come.

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