Cheap Knee and Hip Replacements for Bitcoin

December 7, 2013 21:07 UTC

Add this to the list of things you can do with Bitcoin. Nordorthopaedics, a Lithuanian orthopaedic surgery clinic in the capital city of Vilnius, just recently announced that it would provide its services for Bitcoin. This includes services such as total hip replacements, knee replacements, foot and ankle surgery, and hand and wrist surgery. Why are they choosing to accept payments in Bitcoin? To quote Nordorthopaedics’ spokesperson Jekaterina Kirpa,

“Transactions in bitcoin are sent easily via the Internet, and there is no need to rely on any third party. Also, there are little to no transaction fees.”

Furthermore, Kirpa adds,

“Our surgeons have more experience than many other doctors in Western clinics.”

Yet procedures at the clinic can often be significantly cheaper than the same procedures elsewhere. For this reason, many customers find travelling to Vilnius an attractive choice instead of getting treated in their home countries. Professional liability insurance is quite a bit cheaper in Lithuania than in other countries like the US, making healthcare cheaper there. Since treatments at Nordorthopaedics are already cheap, the clinic currently does not offer discounts for customers paying in Bitcoin, but it is unknown if this policy will change.

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