Chatex: Buying Crypto Securely in Your Favorite Messenger is Not the Dream, it’s the Reality!

Chatex is the smart bot available on the popular messenger platform Telegram (Viber, Facebook, Line, Kik, and KakaoTalk are coming soon). Chatex is the simplest solution to purchase, sell, or exchange crypto and has one of the lowest commission rates on the market.  Recently, the Chatex team released a new version of the bot, which will include automatic crypto-2-crypto exchange, a new rating system, and much more.

The most important update made in the newly released version is the “crypto-2-crypto” operations. Chatex is the first chatbot ever implemented onto any coin exchange. This means that any coin or token can be added to the exchange at that very moment and every user can create an ad for buying or selling crypto by setting a price in another crypto. For example, users now can buy BTC for USDT or vice versa. Developers also added a useful feature for those who don’t feel like messing around with fiat money: Automatic crypto-2-crypto exchange. If there is a person with the same pricing and amount someone else requested, the transaction will be completed automatically.

Secondly, there are multiple vouchers in the new version. A voucher is the equivalent to a bank check in Chatex ecosystem. The user can issue a voucher for the exact amount of money and give it to the friend, who will later receive it in the chat. Recently, vouchers were integrated with the bot, but now one voucher can contain the sums of money dedicated to 100 different people. All of them might activate the voucher only once. It could be a very convenient feature for giveaways and promo campaigns that many companies are doing nowadays.

And the last, but not least, Chatex has also added a new rating system. Users now have the opportunity to write a detailed review about every seller and buyer.Previously, users could only write a “+” or “-” and that’s all; the rating was as absolute as it was unhelpful. Now the rating system is relative in percent and you can leave an extended review and view the reviews of other people.

As seen above, Chatex is one of the simplest solutions in the cryptosphere at the moment. To use Chatex, anyone just needs to know how to use a messenger; there is no complicated registration procedure nor an unfriendly user interface. Chatex is available for every person with a smartphone. It may encourage more people to turn their attention to crypto.

Chatex’s CEO is certain that the mass-adoption of cryptocurrency will allow people who do not have access to financial products and services gain this access. There is a major need in mass-adoption of crypto. But for most people it is too hard to figure out how to use the average crypto exchange. 

“There is a major interest to cryptocurrencies transactions all over the world,” says Michael Ross-Johnson, Chatex CEO. “But people sometimes cannot really understand how to buy and sell on the exchanges, they are overwhelmed with the wide variety of different services they need to use. We have created a solution which is simple and elegant. It is accessible to any person with the smartphone and as easy as messaging. We hope it can give a great boost to the developing countries’ economy. Available capital transfers and new opportunities will improve the standard of living, expand into new markets, attract investment and make this world a little better.”

So from where did the project come from and what are its other strengths?

Chatex is an Estonian-based company developed by an international team. They help people safely buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer. Transfers are safe because they are backed by their partner – BitGo [a digital asset trust company and security company headquartered in Palo Alto, California]. Furthermore, there is an additional pin code protection system with any transaction. In general, Chatex is safer than any similar web service because it is protected not only by an internal system of security measures, but also by all Telegram protection systems and encryptions. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to hack Chatex. Right now, Chatex supports the transfer of several cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, LTC, and USDT) and very soon transactions of any ERC-20 will be possible as well. Chatex acts as a guarantor; they block the amount of coins in the seller’s wallet and shows the buyer all the details required to fulfill the payment to the counterparty (seller). After the seller confirms the transaction has been sent, the money goes to the buyer. Chatex has been around since 2016 when the idea was born and right now there are tens of thousands of people using the service. Chatex has their customers in 114 countries and a team of 15 dedicated people to serve them all. 

Chatex has all the necessary licenses, as well. It allows users to buy crypto with a bank card. The bot also supports transfers without any fees. Transfers can be made knowing only the QR code of the recipient’s wallet address, by phone number, with the recipient’s username in the system. An added bonus is the fast support team that works 24/7; the average time to solve the problem of the customer is 10 minutes.

Chatex future plans are pretty ambitious. They are working hard to add new cryptocurrencies to the exchange, make constant updates, and start their own educational program. Stay tuned!

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