Charlie Shrem Joins Particl Team As Advisor

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Particl is a project working on bring privacy to the blockchain in a way no one has been able to achieve before. Now, industry veteran Charlie Shrem is joining the cause.

“We are excited to get some input from an industry heavyweight,” says Ryno Mathee, Particl Founder. “Charlie’s influence and experience will help us grow tremendously.”

Charlie Shrem’s tendency to gravitate towards projects that give freedom back to the users is what brought Particl and Shrem together: Particl’s vision is to develop a fully independent and decentralized economy in an environment of innovation and collaboration.

“I’m excited to be working with Particl,” says Charlie Shrem. “As I see privacy, fungibility and ease of use the main pillars for any crypto. What if there were no needles in the haystack?”

The economy Particl looks to create will support peers of different blockchain projects while maintaining security and privacy in the utmost fashion. Their PART token can be used for the marketplace, give holders voting rights, governance control, or passive income through POS. However, the marketplace is not designed to be exclusive to Particl users.

Charlie Shrem will join the team as a strategic advisor and mentor to the team. His expertise as an early Bitcoin entrepreneur includes being a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, co-founding Bitinstant, as well as his position as Business Development Advisor for Changelly.

Charlie Shrem will be key in developing new partnerships, opening dialogues with other companies, and allowing support for most major cryptocurrencies, and possibly fiat, to be spent on the Particl Marketplace.

Another unique feature of the platform is 2-Party trustless escrow, through an aspect called insurance deposits, where a percentage of  the sale price is paid to a time locked output, ensuring both parties act honestly.

The decentralized marketplace is slated for an alpha release in Q1 of 2018, where users can spend and earn PART through the offering of services and goods. The first three months of 2018 should also see a primary funding round to further accelerate growth of the team and platform, as well as a beta version of the marketplace, according to the roadmap.

About Particl

Particl’s team is growing, currently 16 full-time paid contributors and 20 total and is self-sustaining through the Particl Foundation, a non-profit organization in Zug.

Particl’s privacy token and upcoming marketplace are the cornerstones of the future decentralized economy. With the latest Bitcoin codebase as its foundation, Particl has brought privacy to the blockchain with CT and RingCT for the first time. Particl has an active community that will expand as other crypto communities learn a place exists where they can use their coins to buy products.

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