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Charlie Shrem: “So, I’m going to prison”

Joel Dalais
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:43 PM
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Charlie Shrem, aka, ‘Four Finger Charlie ’, has posted his goodbye blog and will be surrendering himself to Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp  (Pennslyvania) on March the 30th. Charlie was arrested last year and convicted  at the end of 2014 for crimes against the US Government in their endless War on Drugs.

Sentenced to two year’s imprisonment for knowingly allowing a Silk Road user, (Robert Faiella) to trade bitcoins through the now defunct exchange BitInstant.

Charlie was charged with conspiring to sell over $1 million  worth of bitcoins to Silk Road users, and had to forfeit $950,000.

The debate about whether this was a victimless crime is still ongoing. Obviously, if we count the potential loss of revenue from HSBC’s money laundering  operations of an estimated $670 billion, (they got fined $1.9bn), then there are clear victims.

House Arrest

barsHe has been under house arrest for the last 14 months and will now serve his sentence behind bars. Charlie talks highly about its recreational facilities, a walking track, a basketball court, softball fields and exercise equipment. Hopefully with friendly correspondence and keeping himself busy, the time will pass before he realizes.

With relative thanks, he will be kept within the minimum security satellite camp, not the high-security wing. And you will be able to send him books, magazines, articles and letters. Or funds and even email him, though he will only have limited access to emails.

You can find Charlie’s Amazon wish list here .

And he loves these magazines.

If you want to use bitcoin to buy via Amazon you can use Gyft to buy Amazon credit.

If you are mailing, books or magazines make sure you only buy soft cover style. You can mail the items to him via;

Charlie Shrem
Reg. No. 92164-054
USP Lewisburg Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 2000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Even printing the top articles from Reddit’s r/bitcoin  and sending him those would be received with appreciation. Make sure not to send more than 30 pages, or 4 oz in weight.

You can use Mail A Letter  to send him mail for cheaper than it might otherwise cost you, or you can send the letter yourself. And make sure to send the letter to the same address above.

If you wish to send Charlie any funds (even as little as $10) then you can send bitcoins via;


Keep in mind that bitcoins will only be swept once a week. It will be faster to use Western Union or Moneygram while he is locked up. You will need the following information for Moneygram;

Account Number: 92164054SHREM
Company Name: Federal Bureau of Prisons
City & State: Washington, DC
Receive Code is always: 7932
Beneficiary: Charlie Shrem

And the following information for Western Union;

Account Number: 92164054SHREM
Attention Line: Charlie Shrem
Code City is always: FBOP, DC

The slowest method to send him funds is through Money Order. Make sure you use his full name and his register number ‘Charlie Shrem 92164-054’ and mail it to;

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Charlie Shrem
Reg. No. 92164-054
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

If you want to email Charlie, he will have to initiate first, and there are a few days to do this. You can email him in advance to ask him to put you on his list, [email protected] .

If he adds you to his list, you will receive an email from Corrlinks with the subject “Inmate: SHREM, CHARLIE”. This email will provide you with further information on setting up your account with CorrLinks.

Once setup you will be able to login and select “Account Management” via the main menu and then “Manage My Inmate List”. You will then see CHARLIE SHREM listed and a checkbox under “Email Alert”. Make sure to check the box, this will give you notifications whenever you receive an email from Charlie.

And if you wish to send him a handwritten letter then you can via;

Charlie Shrem
Reg. No. 92164-054
USP Lewisburg Satellite Camp
P.O. Box 2000
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Disclaimer: Any opinions felt or otherwise displayed are that of the author and not CCN.com. Charlie no longer keeps any bitcoins on his ring, nor his ring on his finger, do not get any funny ideas.