Why Did Charlie Sheen Need A Bulletproof Bachelor Pad?

Charlie Sheen added strange security features to his home, including a bulletproof door to his bedroom and a fire pole in his closet.
Charlie Sheen
Bullet-proof doors? A panic room? This is strange, even for Charlie Sheen. | Source: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com
  • Denise Richards describes Charlie Sheen’s strange home security features in her new book.
  • Sheen’s bachelor pad had bulletproof doors, a fire pole, and a panic room.
  • Richards ignored all of these red flags and claimed to feel safer sleeping in Sheen’s home.

Is someone out to kill Charlie Sheen? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richard describes Sheen’s home in her new book, and what she has revealed is frankly quite creepy. Some of the security features Sheen had specially installed are over-the-top and more suitable for someone like El Chapo.

The couple was married from 2002 to 2006, and despite being wealthy enough to buy their own home, Richards moved into Sheen’s odd bachelor pad. For some reason, she never thought to consider why Sheen needed all of these safety additions in his home.

Sheen’s Bachelor Pad Security Features

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen showing us he’s still a playboy | Source: Instagram

While most bachelor pads feature a hot tub or a pool table, Sheen chose to focus on security additions. Not only did his house have a panic room, but his bedroom had a bulletproof door and a fire pole in the closet that would allow him to make a quick escape.

Here is what she wrote about them in her book, “The Real Girl Next Door”:

I did encounter some strange features, such as the bedroom door that was bulletproof. A fire pole was in the closet (which one of our cats fell through, but he was okay) in case a quick escape to the ground floor was necessary. And the house had a panic room.

Either Sheen had become overly paranoid from all the drug use, or someone was trying to kill him. That’s the only logical explanation for these additions! However, Richards felt differently. 

Richards Ignored The Red Flags

Denise Richards
Denise Richards outside, but does she prefer panic rooms? | Source: Instagram

While most people would run at the sight of all of these red flags, Richards claims she never felt safer than she did in his home. She wrote:

I saw these as perks. Hey, I’d never felt safer when I slept.

Was she using drugs too!? Whether or not he was just paranoid, Sheen clearly thought his life was in danger. So much so that he felt it was necessary to update his home and probably decrease its value by installing a fire pole in his closet.

While any right-minded person would see that spending time in a home that was designed for a drug lord might be dangerous, Richards simply dismissed these added features as “strange.” The only thing that bugged her about Sheen’s home was the all-black decor as it didn’t provide the homey vibe she preferred.

At least we can now understand how these two have remained close all these years. They both have tiger blood running through their veins!

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